Why is Harden always unhappy?Why don’t you focus on your own problems

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In today’s big news, the Nets are open to a trade for James Harden, and the 76ers are willing to trade for simmons.There was news that Harden was unhappy with his life in Brooklyn and might not re-sign with the Nets, and then there was talk of a trade with the 76ers, but that was after the season, and now it could be within a week of the trade deadline.Why the sudden change of weather?First, with Durant injured and Irving playing only on the road, the Nets have lost seven straight and are in jeopardy this season.Harden, who scored four points in 37 minutes in his last game, seemed to be on the verge of collapse, so the Nets were tempted to trade.The 76ers have the sidelined Simmons, obviously in a passive situation in the trade market, the Nets and the 76ers are in the same boat in this respect.Of course the Nets want to move Irving, but no one wants to, and Harden doesn’t want to stay, so let’s just trade him and probably not re-sign him. Harden has one year left on his contract and a player option for next season, so the Nets don’t want to risk seeing Him go for nothing.So harden could be headed to the Sixers, just one year after joining the Nets, for another of the eastern Conference’s top teams.I see a lot of people on the Internet complaining for Harden, and it’s really unfortunate for Harden to have a teammate like Kyrie, durant is injured, he came to huddle, but now he’s a thigh.But harden’s fans seem to have been crying foul for him. Harden seems to have been unlucky?If a player hasn’t won a championship, it’s probably because of his teammates, so try to find your own problem.At the beginning, you chose to join the Nets by yourself. At that time, Kevin Durant was just coming back from a big injury, and the potential injury problems already existed. Although It is not possible that Kyrie irving will not be vaccinated later, you have to leave after only one year, isn’t it a little anxious?He scored 4 points in 37 minutes and sleepwalked the entire game, which I think is about as unacceptable as Kyrie not getting his shot.Harden fans seem to think his teammates aren’t good enough, but harden has already had some great partners.From Howard to Cp3 to Westbrook to Durant and Irving, Harden has made two trips to the Western Conference finals, one near the Finals, and last season irving was injured and lost in the Eastern Conference semifinals.Harden has had a few chances but they didn’t work out, and now it looks like his fans are blaming his teammates.Oddly enough, none of these partners seemed to have a good relationship with Harden when Howard was in his prime and then had problems with harden and was sent away.Paul walked away saying he had issues with Harden, was traded for Harden’s buddy Westbrook, and what Westbrook did was there for everyone to see.And then blame Westbrook.It’s true that Westbrook is bad, but that’s what harden asked for, right?Then Westbrook played one season and left for Wall, and the coach left.Then Harden left, too, to report to the Nets.To the nets to play a full year, to go again, this time to join hands with the emperor.The truth is, when Harden went to the Nets, the Nets were initially unpopular, often unpopular despite harden’s strength.Nets is later poor results, Dinwiddie reimbursed, Harden and had to go, just a big change, give up the thickness of the lineup for Harden.Harden was rumored to be going to the sixers, which didn’t seem too welcoming.Giannis antetokounmpo was even more outspoken about his dislike of Harden, who had two MVPS before he won a title.Why is he not welcome?Harden is known to be a very strong individual, but he always pulls in the playoffs, isn’t tough enough in crunch time, and holds the ball too long.Is Harden really unlucky all the time?The most typical 2019 Western Conference semifinals, again against the Warriors, Durant G5 injury, G6 against the Warriors without Durant, Curry 0 points in the first half, 30 points in the second half, directly lead the team to defeat the Rockets 4-2.Harden took a lot of walks in the fourth quarter, made a stupid mistake at the end, had no fight, was taken away and missed his best chance.A lot of rockets fans were desperate, giving you a chance didn’t work, but it was two years ago, people haven’t forgotten.Even in the ’18 Western Conference finals, when Chris Paul got hurt and Harden led the team alone, it was an understandable loss, but a win would have been historic.Magic why rookie season took the FMVP, because kareem Abdul-Jabbar was injured in the finals G5, originally wanted to rest a GAME of G7 comeback, G6 when to give up, the magician directly led the team to win, the championship.Not to compare Harden to Magic, of course, but if Harden could ever do something like this, it wouldn’t be like this.In the Eastern Conference semifinals last season, Harden himself told reporters that he had a grade 2 hamstring strain, and we all know that he didn’t run like a grade 2 strain at all, but he played like he had a serious injury.In a word, his comeback is better than not to come back, in the field not to work, and the last game 37 minutes 4 minutes the same, why?Might as well rest.And then his fans started talking about how you can expect Harden to play 40 minutes with an injury.There’s always an excuse. It’s impossible to judge.Now harden is going to the 76ers again. I don’t know if I’ll be a good partner for him, but I’m not going to lick harden, because you came to me.I think Harden better win with The Emperor, otherwise if he loses again and pulls his crotch at critical moments like he did before, the fans will blame his teammates and coaches again. Harden is always so innocent and pathetic.If you want to succeed, find your own problems.