Blasi: it’s a good thing zaniolo has blood, but there are tricks to dealing with referees

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The emotional Italian star was shown a red card after roma’s winning goal was disallowed by the referee in their draw with Genoa.Serie A reporters predict that the Italian football association is likely to let Zaniolo suspended for four games.Former Apennine goalkeeper Manuel Blasi commented on the situation: “It is good that Zaniolo has blood. Roma need this blood. I see this boy as a future leader of the club.”Mourinho was critical of the referee’s decision. “If I was coaching Juventus, inter or AC Milan, would the referee give zaniolo a ruby card?” the Portuguese coach said after the match.Blasi is worried jose mourinho is at odds with referees in Serie A and the goalkeeper has offered his own advice on how to handle referees.Blasi believes that mourinho brought out the internazionale and the bianconeri are invoked, obviously this sentence will be “against” three serie a legend and supporters, want to know what jose mourinho feat or the nerazzurri boss, blasi worry about mourinho in the football world’s support more and more low, so the Portuguese name handsome need to pay attention to deal with the tricks of the trade.Blasi is aware of mourinho’s outspoken nature and his tendency to fall foul of referees, the football association and the club’s management, adding that jose mourinho’s emotional intelligence needs to follow candela’s advice that pinto needs to improve public relations.In order for Mojo to gain public opinion, he needs to put himself in the position of “hapless” rather than strut and blame others.Judging from the match, Blasi also on the bias of the referee is very dissatisfied.Zaniolo’s goal was disallowed after the referee reviewed the VAR review, but blasi said it was a “in or out” decision.After the winning goal was disallowed, Zaniolo lost control of his emotions and was shown a red card for making inappropriate remarks to referee Val Abisoha.Blasi said the details show that Zaniolo has blood, which is good for the biancocelesti and the azzurri.Zaniolo has not been seen as a strong player in the past, and his style of play has been somewhat buddhist due to his serious injury problems.Jose mourinho has changed the way the Apennines youngster plays and made him mentally stronger.So Blasi stressed that it is good that Zaniolo has blood, roma and Italy need this kind of blood players.But Zaniolo is too young and inexperienced, he will have to learn to control his emotions on the field.Blasi was also honest about the possibility of the Apennine international being suspended by the Italian football association: “I hope the football association will not shoot themselves in the foot, with the national team going to the play-offs and how many attacking players mancini has in good form?”Blasi, the implication is very clear – at this stage few good form Italy international, Mr Mourinho belong to the state outstanding midfield player, if he was in the league suspended number is more, this will not affect the mourinho played in national team, but this is bound to affect his mood in the play-offs.In order to put the young players in the right mood for the play-off, Blasi suggested that the fa give Zaniolo a “one-match suspension”.Although the Serie A schedule does not make way for the play-offs, Italy’s path to the World Cup in Qatar has not been smooth, and with Mancini ready to take a chance, football association chief roberto Gravina will make way for the national team in detail.In short, Blasi hopes the Italian football federation will take care of themselves in the matter of Zaniolo, as it is good for young players to have blood.Gazzetta dello Sport says mourinho’s relationship with serie A referees has reached a “freezing point” and roma need to change that.Since the general direction of Italian football cannot be changed, Blasi also asks the question: why did Jose Mourinho return from the Premier League to Italy when his team was still unloved by referees?Mourinho himself has no knack for communication, which may be one reason why he has become a thorn in the side of the fa.So Blasi says the magic bird has a knack for treating referees.The former goalkeeper has provided mourinho with a strategy – the Portuguese manager needs to reframe the process of the controversial decision, show whether the referee is right to look at VAR and tell the story of his club’s misfortunes according to the direction of public opinion, so mourinho can turn the passive into the active.