There are 53 medium-risk areas in Suzhou

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According to the relevant provisions of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council and the comprehensive evaluation and judgment of the expert advisory group, the Municipal headquarters decided that starting from 20:00 on February 20, 2022,Building 25, Xinnonghuayuan, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang City, Building 18, Xinhang Huayuan, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang City, And No. 124, Tangbei Community, Guoxiang Street, Wuzhong District were adjusted as medium-risk areas, while risk levels in other areas remained unchanged.List of Medium-risk Areas in Suzhou (53) (20:00, February 20, 2022) Of Cities and DistrictsBuilding 21, West Minfengyuan, Yangshe Town, Building 29, Xinnonghuayuan, Yangshe Town, Building 18, Xinhang Huayuan, Yangshe Town, Building 5, Changshu Purple Crystal City, Building 9, Central Europe Holiday Garden, Building 41, Oasis Huating Community, Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Building 21, Changan Garden, No. 2358 chang ‘an Road, Wujiang Science and Technology Pioneer Park, Jiangling Street, Chengnan Huayuan, 2167Building 2, No. 23, Post and Communication Street, Bathe Street, Building 2, Dushu Lake West Jinyue Garden phase I, Guoxiang Street, Wuzhong District, Building 273, Shimaoshi Lake Bay Garden Phase II, No. 47-69, Shenxiang Village, Mudu Town, Building 97, Waterfront Qinghua, Building 40, Longxi New Village (Jianque Garden), No. 172, Xia Paobang Malou Li, Luzhi Changju Village, Building 43, Phase III, Yinshan Lake GardenBuilding no. 105, Guotai Village, Guoxiang Street, No.124, Tangbei Community, Guoxiang Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou Vanke Charm Garden, Building no. 3, Guandu Community, Building No. 26, Hejing Fenghui, Phase 8 12Building 5, Wanyu Mingdu Garden building 45, Shengbei Garden, Beiqiao Street Building 28, Caoyun Home, Beiqiao Street Building 18, Tianchen Garden Community, Gusu District Building 3, Dazhuyuan Building 12, Yonglin District 2 Building 361, Xujiang Road (Dongfang Yuan) Building 1, Changxin Garden, Wumenqiao Street Building 4, South District 22, Donghu Dajun Garden Phase 2, Suzhou Industrial ParkBuilding 115, Dongchengjun, Building 18, Lanxi Yuan, No. 12, Xitang Old Street, Building 26, Jinxi Yuan, Jinglong Living Area, Xingshengke, Building 11, Phoenix City, Building 49, Star of tomorrow, Building 1, Lakeside Tiancheng Garden, Building 16, Xiajiaqiao, Building 118, Building 9, Huayu Jiangnan, Building 20, Nanshan · Lisshe, Building 40, Yangpu Road, No. 150Building 4, Wenhua Apartment, Greenland · Waldorf Mingdi Residential Area