Yanting Huachen International School held a primary school duty post training meeting

2022-05-15 0 By

In order to further improve the enthusiasm of young pioneers to participate in school management and construction, cultivating students’ ability of independent management, further standardize the student’s daily behavior, grasp the real fine all the team members to develop education, and develop the “big DuiWei”, “the class cadre”, “red scarf the laid-off”, “duty student” in the role of self management, self education, self service, on February 25.Yanting Huachen International School in the studio hall held a primary school red scarf duty guard training meeting, the meeting by the league branch secretary, young Pioneers brigade counselor Wang Rui presided over.First of all, Wang Rui summarized the situation of students on duty last semester.She affirmed that the team members have certain organizational and management ability and strong sense of responsibility, but also pointed out the shortcomings and deficiencies in the work, and suggested that they should give full play to their supervision and role as role models in the future work.Then, the red scarf on duty of the inspection staff on duty arrangement and post training, emphasizing that all inspection evaluation should be fair, just and open.Finally, she gave detailed instructions on safety, hygiene, discipline, and aerobics inspection.Participants are deeply aware of their responsibilities, determined to regulate their words and deeds, with practical actions to drive more members to enhance etiquette awareness, health awareness, discipline awareness, to create a positive, civilized and harmonious, beautiful campus culture to make their due contributions.(Correspondent Ren Ling Yun)