Yao Di fear into The heart of CAI Bin, the new cycle is expected to promote the main second pass, Diao Linyu Ding Xia substitute

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A new Chinese women’s volleyball team will be formed.In the training list, we are most concerned about the position of the setter.Because the setter is the playmaker of the team, new coach CAI Bin needs an excellent second setter if he wants to achieve his ideal combination of tactics.At present, there are not many domestic setters who can excel on the international stage. Ding Xia, Yao Di and Diao Linyu are the best players in the Tokyo Olympic cycle.As Diao Linyu was born in Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team and is CAI Bin’s legitimate disciple, moreover, in these matches, Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team has always used Diao Linyu, so many fans believe that Diao Linyu has ushered in the moment of reverse attack.However, I think CAI Bin chose Diao Linyu as the main setter of the possibility is low, the main reason is that Diao Linyu’s ability than Yao Di.In the previous cycle, Diao linyu and Yao Di had been battling for a place in the Olympics, but Diao always missed at crucial moments and lost in the match.Comparing their passing skills and passing ideas, we can find that Yao Di is better than Diao Linyu in both technology and thinking.Yao Di, who came from the first road of Junior high school and miao Hong, has a solid basic passing skills and broad passing ideas. After the Training of the Olympic Games, she has completed the transformation and is able to keep pace with wei Qiuyue.Although Diao Linyu is touted as a “clever second passer” by fans, the author sees more disorganized passing ideas and incomplete passing from time to time.The gap between the two was evident in the 21-22 season.Yao Di in Tianjin women’s volleyball many times to spread more flowering, Diao Linyu is not in place to adjust the ball many times, wasted a good chance to counter.In addition, two people’s defense also has a very big gap, Yao Di’s defense ability than Diao Linyu strong on many.Although Diao Linyu is CAI Bin’s disciple, CAI Bin will not use the Jiangsu women’s volleyball player because of this relationship, because he is a Chinese women’s volleyball player, he needs to choose from the whole country, but from the whole province.In other words, CAI Bin’s choice has become more extensive.Fans who are familiar with CAI Bin should know that Wei Qiuyue is CAI Bin’s second setter in the National Youth Women’s Volleyball Team. During the Beijing Women’s Volleyball team, CAI Bin also used Han Xu, who has better passing ability at the fourth position.Thus, for yao Di this kind of sedate school erzhuan, CAI Bin not only does not exclude, but also very fond of.The advantage of the sedate erchuan is that the manager can firmly execute the orders issued by the suspension, CAI Bin’s layout is very detailed, even the erchuan should pass which will take into account, which requires erchuan has a strong executive power.So in this case, Yao Di will become CAI Bin’s favorite, while Diao Linyu and Ding Xia will fight for a reserve seat due to their similar styles.As for diao Linyu or Ding Xia, you need to see CAI Bin’s own judgment.Among the new Chinese women’s volleyball team, Yao Di’s seat is still quite stable, because the lack of this kind of stable erchuan in China, Diao Linyu, Ding Xia, this kind of smart erchuan is very common, such as Xu Xiaoting, CAI Yaqian are smart erchuan of the new generation of power.