Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala “Only this green” stage is good, every frame is good beauty, walking landscape picture scroll

2022-05-15 0 By

The year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast tonight on January 31. The dance poem “Only This Green” is inspired by the famous northern Song Dynasty painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”. The dancers have sharp eyebrows and eyes, purple lips and high buns, and neatly shake their sleeves.The whole tone is very slow and long, many audiences say that the United States to cry!”Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains” is a color painting created by Wang Ximeng in the Northern Song Dynasty. It is now collected in the Palace Museum in Beijing and is one of the ten most famous paintings handed down in our country.”If the heart can tolerate the gap, the writing can be mountains and rivers.”Eyes and waves flow, ancient and modern crisscrossed, they played live “Thousands of miles of Rivers and Mountains”, dance out of the sense of mountains and rivers.Overlapping hills, waterfalls liuquan, only this green landscape.Every frame is beautiful, walking landscape painting scroll, too shocking!There is a blank, there is a resolution!Many netizens said: “This is a normal aesthetic, do not total tomato scrambled eggs”, “I hope to more dance poetry drama circle, let more people know the broad and profound Chinese culture, have their own cultural confidence”, “this is really my favorite program so far” and so on.