Italy announced the discovery of a positive epidemic, Europe and the United States rushed to send people to investigate: after learning the truth, silence

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Italy on February 15, local time, also made some adjustments to its national fiscal spending, some of which attracted attention, amid the ongoing pandemic in Europe, according to local media.The Italian senate announced 9 times the Italian pension balance sheet report, according to a report in 2020, died in Italy because COVID – 19 of the population, the 65 – year – old population accounts for 96.3% or more, and this part of the crowd almost all retirees, this change makes the social security administration to reduce a lot of burden in Italy.According to the Report on the Balance sheet of the Italian Pension System, the Italian Social Security Agency saved about 1.11 billion euros in pension payments in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic, as a result of these deaths.Taking into account these deaths and the lingering pandemic, the report estimates that Italy’s social security agency will have to spend 11.9 billion euros less on pensions by 2029.This is both good and sad news for Italy.The number of confirmed cases in Italy is decreasing and the number of new cases per day is decreasing. In the context that the Delta and Omicron strains are still circulating around the world,It is unclear whether the decline in the number of confirmed cases in Italy is a temporary decline or the beginning of the end of the epidemic.But Italy has begun to roll back mandatory outdoor masks.Italy has relaxed its quarantine policy after seeming overly optimistic about the situation.To this end, the Chinese Embassy in Italy also issued a message through its official account, reminding compatriots in Italy not to relax the awareness of prevention and control, but still need to take good personal protection, wear masks and wash hands frequently, while maintaining good rest and physical and mental health, and strictly prevent telecom fraud.Although the number of new coronavirus cases in Italy is down, there is no evidence of any lessening of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, as the autopsy of a drowning man in Italy found positive, sparking much discussion.According to domestic media reports, Britain’s the independent newspaper issued a message on February 15th, on the east coast of Italy recently reported a drowning man, the man nationality is Ukraine, after Italy, forensic identification, for the man to death after 41 days of continuous 28 times will be coronavirus detection results are all positive,But the man had no symptoms of infection.This rare case is being studied further.It is widely believed that the reason why The epidemic in Italy is different from other European and American countries and shows a declining and improving trend is related to Italy’s strict epidemic prevention policy.Unlike in the United States and other countries where “wearing a mask depends on your mood,” the Italian government has made it mandatory for anyone to wear a mask outdoors and banned food and drink in public places.These details reflect Italy’s rigorous attitude in the field of disease control and prevention, which to a certain extent has prevented the further spread of the Omicron strain.