Xuzhou 36 middle School set up the dormitory administrator department

2022-05-17 0 By

Due to the development of the school, the number of students in the senior high School is growing. After the completion of the new campus, the living environment will be improved, and the resident student group will gradually form a scale.Dormitory management has always been an indispensable part of school work, which is related to the safety and study of students. According to the current situation of student accommodation and dormitory management, the accommodation environment still needs to be improved, and there is still room for improvement in dormitory management standards.A good accommodation environment can make students have a better rest and adjust, and devote themselves to study with a fuller mental state. Scientific management methods can help students develop good living habits and cultivate a more independent personality.In order to improve the dormitory management, the school leaders decided to establish the dormitory management Department of Xuzhou 36th Middle School, and hired Teacher Li Tingting as the director of the dormitory management department.At the beginning of the 2022 academic year, under the organization and leadership of Vice Principal Yang Bo of High School, staff of moral Education Department visited the dormitory to understand the problems existing in the dormitory and communicate with relevant departments to solve the problems.Roots&shoots Yang Bo vice President know rainbo dormitory, director of Amy and dormitory administrator, director of the communication on December 13, 2022 afternoon, the resident student start back to school to report for duty, Yang Bo vice President led the moral education in the rainbo director, secretary of the youth corps committee Li Shuihan, dormitory administrator Amy to meet at the gate of the dorm students back to school, in strict accordance with the school and epidemic prevention requirements, strict inspection two yards,Wear a mask in and out.Dormitory administrator Department welcomes resident students to return to school li Tingting, director of dormitory administrator Department, checks the parents’ health and epidemic prevention code map/article Li Tingting