Geely geometry A, BYD Qin PLUS and Roewe Ei5, 150 thousand yuan pure electric car in the end who should choose?

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For daily travel range is limited to urban area, urban area surrounding family, now 150000 yuan price of pure electric cars to replace fuel car is already a very suitable for choice, not only has a well-known car, low overhead cost advantages, in the aspect of spatial JingMiXing, power output performance is already better than with fuel car prices.Therefore, today we are interested in buying a family of pure electric car friends, bring three models of dealers at the price of about 150,000 yuan comparison,They are Respectively Geely GEOMETRY A Pro high energy endurance version 600KM A600 cubic version, BYD Qin PLUS EV 500KM distinguished type and Roewe Ei5 500 admiration version, let us take A look at which car is the most suitable for you.Using a closed intake grille and silver geometric logo of the front is very simple and elegant, the color of the roof and the body not only does not have a sense of conformity, but visually presents a rare sense of science and technology, in addition, it is the same price of pure electric cars equipped with hidden door handles rarely model, design completion is very high.In terms of performance, geometric A Pro is A good level in 150,000 yuan price segment. The total power of the motor is 150kW, the horsepower is 204Ps, and the total torque is 310N·m, which brings A good result of 6.9s for 100km acceleration. In the starting and overtaking scenes, it can bring very enough performance output performance for the driver.In terms of battery life, geometry A Pro adopts 70kWh ternary lithium battery, which can provide 600km pure electric range and support fast charging of 0.63 hours to 80%, which can meet the travel needs of urban and intercity, and rarely encounter the problem of range anxiety in basic daily cars.Echoing the young body design, the interior of Geometry A Pro does not adopt the luxurious design idea like other traditional car companies. Instead, it makes the interior look more acceptable to young people through reasonable color matching and layered elements.Still, the 5-inch separate dashboard kind of pulls down the overall quality of the interior;The 12.3-inch landscape screen also limits the use of scenes and content, making it an ideal level of video and audio experience.Byd QIN PLUS EV adopts the Dragon Face design of “Dynasty series” family. The sharp headlights supporting self-adaptive near and far light and the high recognition chrome strip match up with a very good sense of coordination.With a wheelbase of 2718mm and a body of 4765mm, it looks a bit of a step off from the side. In general, it is a model suitable for consumers who like the appearance of fuel cars.In terms of performance, the power output level of Qin PLUS EV is not good, which is consistent with BYD’s consistent concept of “comfort first”. The total power of the motor is 100kW, the horsepower is 136Ps, and the total torque is 180N·m. There is not only A gap between the geometric A Pro and pure electric cars at the same price, so it is A very standard vegetable car.Suitable for consumers who value experience rather than performance.Life aspects, qin PLUS EV is still like other byd cars, using their own blade cell, cause the safety but in the promotion at the same time, we also cannot ignore it is equipped with cold range shrink in the scene will be more obvious lithium iron phosphate batteries, battery capacity of only 57.0 kWh, pure electric range of 500 km,It’s not great in its class.Qin PLUS EV interior is still adopted the luxurious design idea of the wind, and the geometry of A Pro relatively young interior design language is fundamentally different, interior can touch place almost all used the soft material to cover, from A piano paint decorative instrument panel, in order to build A whole feeling, dashboard is embedded into the decorative board.The central control screen of PLUS Qin EV adopts a 12.8-inch rotatable touch screen, which greatly expands the types of video and audio content that can be presented. The self-developed DiLink 3.0 operating speed is generally acceptable, and there is rarely a lag.Roewe Ei5 is different from the other two cars, the appearance of roewe Ei5 design can be found at first glance, it is more popular with Europeans like station wagon, but generally speaking, the appearance of the regular, and not too many bright spots;It should be noted that the fast charging port is located at the LOGO of the vehicle, which will bring some inconvenience to charging.The performance of Roewe Ei5 is in the middle level in the same price. The motor power is 135kW, the horsepower is 184Ps, and the total torque is 280N·m. Compared with the outstanding geometry A Pro at the same level, it is slightly inferior, but it can still experience certain driving pleasure in actual driving.Roewe Ei5 uses 61.1kwh terene lithium battery, with an official nominal range of 501km, which can be charged up to 80% in half an hour. Compared with Qin PLUS EV, due to the chemical characteristics of the battery, the attenuation of battery life in cold scenarios is not so obvious, but special attention should be paid to the energy replacement interval for long distance travel.As a station wagon, Roewe Ei5 interior design is not good, the design idea is relatively traditional, simple, although the cockpit with a certain soft material cover, but the overall look and feel is still general, there is no “grade sense”;The audio and video experience is also average. The 10.25-inch center control screen is not only much smaller than the car of the same class, but also tilted to the driver’s side. Therefore, for the co-driver on a long journey, the enjoyment of audio and video is almost zero.To sum up, these three pure electric models basically meet the standard of 150,000 yuan family car, but after all, they still have their own unique advantages, so we still recommend them according to people with different needs.For more care about the two aspects of performance and life of consumers, the geometry of A Pro undoubtedly is the most appropriate choice with price segment, not only can provide great power output, and battery life are also satisfactory, in addition, if you also appreciate its younger exterior and interior, it would be appropriate.For consumers who attach importance to cabin comfort and audio and video experience, BYD QIN PLUS EV is a good choice. Although its power and endurance are not excellent in the same class, it is far superior to the cabin comfort of the same class and can absolutely give you a very memorable impression. It is a very practical pure electric car.For consumers who like station wagon modeling, Roewe Ei5 may be this price segment, or even higher price segment are very rare pure electric choice, although its power, endurance and cockpit are very middle-of-the-road, but station wagon modeling is still a selling point it is very differentiated, if you are very fascinated by station wagon,Then it’s one of your few pure electric station wagon options.