Ganyu District actively develops scientific and technological innovation and vigorously boosts rural revitalization

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According to the modern agricultural industry technology system management rules and jiangsu province poultry breeding expert guidance, leading, advantages and characteristic industry around the place, strengthen the GanYu in lianyungang area of animal husbandry and veterinary station take the jiangsu modern agriculture industry technology system (chicken) GanYu promotion demonstration base (2021-2022) “project (no. :According to the requirements of “standardization, scale, industrialization, safety and ecology”, the promotion and introduction of new varieties and new technologies in broiler breeding should be strengthened to promote the ecological healthy development of broiler breeding industry.The project implemented the key technologies of cage rearing of white-feathered broilers, the nutritional regulation technology of immune enhancement of broilers and the demonstration and promotion of anti-salmonella enteritis probiotics, which improved the performance of broilers, reduced the ratio of feed to gain and mortality rate of broilers, and improved the yield and meat quality of broilers.To guide the poultry farms and 5 demonstration farms in the base to implement four technologies, including nutritional regulation technology for immune enhancement of broilers, probiotics technology for anti-Salmonella enteritidis, key technologies for cage rearing of white-feathered broilers, and reduction technology for the use of veterinary antibiotics.The project established the demonstration base leading group and technical expert group, and formulated the base team work system;Record the log 16, in the municipal mainstream media propaganda 1 times, timely answer agricultural technology yunge farmers and agricultural technology promotion personnel put forward the problem, in the key link time rushed to the scene to solve the problems and difficulties in production 34 times;1 research, technical guidance for 116 days, 2 papers published;Satisfaction evaluation is 100%;5 demonstration sites have been built with a construction scale of 5.4 million, 10 science and technology demonstration households have been connected, and 3.5 million broilers in the surrounding areas have been radiated to apply the scientific and technological achievements.Project funds are used in strict accordance with the financial management system and all expenditures meet the requirements of the project.Monitoring and analyzing broiler disease dynamics, disaster situation, production and marketing information in the region;Timely report the dynamic changes of local industrial policies to the chief expert;Cooperated with experts of the industrial economic team to carry out industrial situation research and other work, and completed the annual work task of technology promotion demonstration project.Based on the broiler breeding base, the project has created bases, demonstration sites and surrounding radiation areas to implement key technologies of broiler cage rearing, nutritional regulation technology of broiler immune enhancement and demonstration and promotion mode of anti-Salmonella enterititis probiotics, which has achieved remarkable results and achieved good economic and social benefits.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: