On the third day of the New Year, pig prices “heroic rise”, slaughterers “dark operation” was uncovered, pig prices to change face

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As is known to all, since last October, pork consumption surge, into the New Year’s day, Spring Festival, pork consumption falters, part of the collectivization pigs are cautious for the Spring Festival pork consumption, therefore, slaughtering enterprises concentrated stock cycle is short, and pork as the market continuously drains, after entering the Spring Festival, some pig agent has been closed,And some slaughtering enterprises also gradually opening, the market will gradually return to normal, but, due to the live pig supply overall weak, ordinary farmers is still in the Chinese New Year atmosphere, and between the large and medium slaughtering enterprises is still in the holiday, downturn market pigs supply relative performance, however, the domestic pig prices have continued to rise, as the saying goes “abnormal things out there will be a demon”, in the absence of supply and demand,Pig prices are rising against the trend, and slaughterers’ “dark operations” have been exposed by many insiders. So what is happening in the market?Today we are specific analysis!Today is the third day of the Lunar New Year, in our Shandong region, the New Year’s Day vast and mighty New Year’s visit scene is still clear in our eyes, and the second day of the Lunar New Year, many people also went to the old man’s house, today is the third day of the first lunar month, February 3, many people should end these two days of busy life, can have a safe rest!However, the third day of the first lunar month is also an auspicious day for the traditional opening of the market, so many people’s lives are back on track. In the domestic pig market, some slaughterers and farmers have been connected, and the market pig price will end the performance of “price without market”.It is understood that due to the performance of slaughterhouse prices are still rising, on the third day of the Chinese New Year, the pig price “heroic rise”, the national lean pig price, slaughterhouse prices rose to 13.94 yuan /kg, the pig price narrow range strong!Of course, the quotation lacks practical guiding significance, and is more of a reference price for the market. After all, the price of slaughterers rose, and the “secret operation” during this period was also found out.According to the analysis of some industry insiders, slaughterers tend to stock more goods before the Spring Festival, and pork consumption during the Spring Festival is not as good as expected, so the market still has surplus goods. In order to stabilize the price of pork and facilitate the sale of their surplus goods in l/C, slaughterers have continued to offer higher prices.However, this is only one of them. The key to whether slaughtering enterprises can successfully harvest pigs in the New Year is the mood of farmers. Especially for retail investors, the rise of slaughtering enterprises’ quotation has contributed to stimulating the mood of farmers.Of course, the price of slaughterers will go up, but when it comes to the stage of real money and real pigs, with the mood of farmers being adjusted to market, the performance of slaughterers’ price pressure will come naturally.After all, the market will also return to the right track, in the supply of strong and weak fundamentals, pig prices will change face, the market has a slide down the risk!At present, according to the quotation of slaughterers in north and South China, northeast, North China and northwest China, the quotation of slaughterers is generally less than 14 YUAN/kg in north China market, and only the quotation of slaughterers in parts of Hebei and Beijing and Tianjin has reached 14.3 yuan/kg. However, the price of pigs is still lower than the cost line of fusing, and farmers are facing the pressure of loss when they go to market!And in the south, southwest of weak market, market marketing hangs there is still a performance, and in the east China region, traditional high price market, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces and Shanghai, fujian and other places, prices generally rose is broken 15 yuan/kg, a few aquaculture market is in a stage of negative balance, in central and southern areas, tu companies offer sideways 14 ~ 15.1 yuan/kg, prices slightly lower than fattening cost line!It can be seen that there is a strong loss pressure for the sale of live pigs, so the farmers are in a bad mood for the sale of pigs. However, since the domestic sow inventory is high and horizontal from April to August in 2021, and the release period of live pigs will be theoretically entered in February to May in 2022, the farmers also dare not rush the sale of pigs, and the market downward mood is strong.Farmers still have capacity to clear the mood!Because after the Spring Festival pork consumption into periodic off-season, consumption situation is difficult to reverse the downturn, and breeding end market has entered the peak, the game of market supply and demand pressure slants big, after the Spring Festival, aquaculture side or will have a higher market sentiment, live pig market supply ability to rebound, superposition consumption support is limited, therefore, high prices or are going to fall!On the third day of the lunar New Year, pig prices “heroic rise”, slaughtering enterprises “dark operation” was found, pig prices to change face!What do you think about that?The above is the author’s personal viewpoint, the picture comes from the network!