Split boxing practice and matters needing attention

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Split boxing such as pushing mountains, the body from back to front, one minute slowly push, push the more difficult the better, so long kung fu, the key is the back hand like tearing cotton, in the process of pushing to experience the strength.The method of the chop is as if it were a chop, like a whip, but it has to be strong, otherwise the axe will only go into the wood, not split in half.At the beginning of a split boxing to practice for a year, not to practice posture and power, is to practice breath breath.The first practice of split boxing to find an open area, the breath is easy to release, just like people climbing a mountain, a vision opened, can not help but long breath.The hand goes back and forth like a human breath.A trip of four or five hundred meters to play, breath more and more long, more and more far-reaching, energetic, hand action inspired the whole body, gradually feel the breath drum, body pores open and close.Boxing practitioners should learn body breathing, the beauty of body breathing can be realized when hitting the chop.And as one gets older, one’s body will be empty, so one has to make up for qi through practice. When qi is enough, one’s mood becomes active, and one is busy with this and that, just like a child doing everything with great interest.When you find yourself like this, kung Fu is on its way.There is no need to practice in the open.Good cleaver, spontaneity will hit tiger.A year or so, there will be a sense of suffocation, so I have a real understanding of body breathing.Split the fist open lung, the first solution is the physical problem.You should know whether boxing is right or not. You should not practice confused boxing.Press the lung veins of the arm with the thumb, and some places have pain, indicating that the lung meridian has not been opened, and the split boxing has not passed.Chop boxing is to exercise breathing, strong lungs.The lungs are not strong enough to do strenuous exercise, they will explode.The lungs were overburdened and the windpipes damaged.High school students run a kilometer to pass physical education, and children often suffer and explode their lungs after running.PE class to let children hard standard, but not strong lung training, more exercise more damage to the body.There was a physical education teacher who taught her students the squat technique as a preparation for a long run.Squat, two arms stretched flat in front of the chest, slowly squat up to exercise the role of the lungs, and split boxing has the same wonderful.Boxing practice more tired is wrong, should be more refined more comfortable, refined interest is higher just right.Every day does not lian all afflicts, like possessed what all disregarded, must lian cannot.The “shoulder well” that flows down like a waterfall is “gravity”.Corresponding to “shoulder well” is “yongquan”, drilling boxing, “yongquan” like a fountain gushing up, the body potential through the momentum of drilling out.This method can unite the spirit and energy.Hands with a lot of strength, a palm split down around the spiral.Grasp back also set aside two forward return force, refining will not change the vitality, contained in the shape, xingyi boxing fine work is such.Play split boxing, hand grasping back at the same time, the foot also then lift pick, anal perineum shrinkage, this method can cure spermatorrhea, aphrodisiac.A trunk chop is a bear eagle.Not only with the torso, but also with the inside of the torso.Practice split boxing with soft strength, must be slow, pay attention to the movement of qi and blood, together a surge, like a peristaltic worm, like water droplets rolling on the lotus leaf, no movement is still, are the whole strength.Such a long time, the breath sinking will be good, such as the breath can really sink to the foot, then the kung fu nature will be on a large level, then you can feel, the breath straight into yongquan, Yongquan can feel a jump, like a monkey light ling Song sink.The reason why the monkey can be so clever, because the monkey breath naturally poured into the spring, the breath through, a jump up.Slow practice split boxing can split ten minutes, can also split half an hour, it is not intended to force, like to push the car, slowly push, the idea has the afterpower, prevent the car ran out, and you will not be fallen, so there are the benefits of the unity of training.The advantage of this practice lies in the actual combat, the opponent’s movement is the same as slow motion, you want to put people or hit people as you please.Slow fighting is like an old donkey grinding, seemingly slow, joints, muscles are accumulated in the slow movement of strength.The power of the split fist includes the power of the backpedal, the power of the left foot before stepping up, the power of the upper body sinking, the power of the top of the head, the pulling force generated in the chest when the two arms cross, the potential of sinking the elbow, remember that the fist can not be split by brute force, to imagine the power of the fingertips falling.Split boxing at the beginning of the proposal to open the terrain, take in everything in a glance, when playing to accommodate the sea of heroism, natural action, every momentum action, all require the body like a bow in the slow stretching process, boxing split, the arrow shot.When you do a split, you don’t see any physical exertion on your body.Just according to the situation and fall, both hands row a small range, very smooth falling movement, but immediately sent out the power, a simple very smooth chopping punch, the power of the big, is not seen by the people can not imagine.Grasp split boxing, from the hands of the heavy grasp gradually experience elbow shoulder waist heavy grasp, practice, a take enemy body, enemy body self feeling like Mount Tai pressure, cable tied body, can not move.Light movement does not mean light power, the cleft is about the hand like a snake (light), the person like thunder (fierce), the two should be one.The shoulder should be spread, the palm should be cut out, and the breath should be stepped under the front foot.Don’t use your hand to lift the hammer, use your waist to pick it up. At the moment when you throw it up, the hammer creates inertia. If the inertia of the hammer can move in a circle, the arm only needs to exert force to keep it moving.The hand is the line, the body to make the hammer with the radius of the hand to turn up, using the weight of the hammer itself, so that it does downward centrifugal movement, because of the use of the gravity of the hammer, your arm can relax, just apply force, to ensure that its landing point is ok.Wuxing boxing is to twist the forearm, after the split boxing form about a minute of static standing, do not start thinking about what power, as long as the wrist wrapped elbow against, will naturally experience the power of the split boxing, naturally can exercise the power.After the unity of posture, natural qi shun.At this point, the bone joint is positive, and the internal and external initial unity.The first step is to meet the requirements of wrist-twisting in the state of three-pointed photos, hands and feet, and relaxation of the whole body.In the wrist, drill to the little finger up, boxing eyes down, the right hand is also extremely twisted before the left boxing, two boxing back rub and flip, elbow also to their own middle line twisted wrapped, left drill boxing type, left elbow is roughly on his heart.The hands and feet should be put in the long run as far as possible when twisting the wrist, in order to open up, after wrapping the elbow, the natural strength retracted.Split boxing from the beginning of the three posture, the front hand from the little finger to the big finger one by one curly, with the waist to drive the arm back, then the front foot does not withdraw, but step to help, so that the center of gravity moved back, so as to enhance the strength of the hand.Stroking followed by a hand drill, the front foot to directly set foot on the half step, tiptoe, in the use of this is a dark leg.Hand drill out to turn over the sky, at this time can not only turn the arm, to use the waist twist to make the little finger up, so that the body just wrapped, can be wrapped tightly, just enough.The top of the forehead is the most obvious when drilling, and the strength is sent out from the Yintang, leading the whole body with the potential of the front collar.Together with a fall, a drill a turn, Dantian drum, up and down, round and round, reflected is the so-called turn wave strength.Before the hand split out of the shoulder to stretch as far as possible, after the shoulder to pull back, the body into 45 degrees, then the chest was round, to hold, also did pull back.Heavy shoulder drop elbow, shoulder elbow can hang down, to the dark strength.Split boxing from drill to fall over, by, feet to shoulder crotch, a body is everywhere spiral, hands such as tear cotton, waist crotch crisply turn 90 degrees, the back of the foot absolutely can not casually step up, but the front of the transition foot it and this half of the body “pedal” out.Because if it is mai, a body of spiral force is lax, such as clocks and watches, table strings to be taut, can not have the slightest lax.The so-called “vigorous spiral”, before and after, around, up and down, hands and feet, shoulder crotch, elbow and knee are all in spiral motion.Try to realize the inner Dan Tian swing, which is the so-called inside of the body to hit the split boxing.Waist and hip shake forward force virtual hit in front of my face to stop, but I feel the fierce palm wind blowing on the face and to the shock.Only the little finger, the elbow is fully sinking and wrapped, is twisted wrapped strength, zhang is unable to turn the little finger.Edge split edge to internal spiral, split waist hip there is a down a small movement, a sitting body whole a sink, splitting force is heavy abnormal, equivalent to the whole body to split.When the elbow can not be outside the rotation, keep the elbow drop, look at the two ribs, but also ensure that the force is from the waist by the ridge into the three urging the whole strength, and the pile frame is not scattered.There is a strong can not be lost, that is, the back of the strength, a strength, back by a strong.Practice good people, do not have to strike, rely on the body can beat the opponent.This is kung fu. Instead of hitting people with the inertia of your arms or upper body, you can exert force all over your body at will. Sometimes when you twist your body a little, the force will be transmitted from your feet to your hands.Split boxing, my back hand out lead hand to step on pull the other side to attack the fist at the same time hand, arm, body, step together into the pressure, step to the other side step, split people’s forearm to tamp, not an arm to split, but the whole body to split people.Drill, the other side out of instinct will resist, the body will sink, this time against his split, a strength the other side went out.Split like an axe, the need to force to crisp, crisp axe split wood.With the right punch, you fly off the ground, but with the wrong blow, you just go backwards.The most important power source of the chop is the crotch and you throw half of your body out like a grenade.Split boxing practice splitting strength, the key is to practice appearance is not important, split high splitting low, split left split right, splitting is splitting Angle, are random strain, had ruled the strength after you can use the splitting strength, splitting strength inside can contain the collapse strength, split punch down moment is collapse strength, it is for the strength to listen, splitting strength drop, found on the top of the opponent with you the moment,You’re too hot for your opponents to handle.Split boxing emphasizes the “fist from the mouth”, which is a kind of power structure. When the cat jumps to the ground from a high place, the expansion mode and position of the forelimbs are basically understood.Those who do not achieve the “fist from the mouth” can be identified as far away from the use of muscles and bones.The hands and feet of neijia boxing are “hooks”, which is called hand boxing, or rubbing, hanging, sealing, shaking, rolling and so on with the forearm, so that a straight boxing is winding around, the wind is fresh, so that the opponent is confused, do not know where to go.The distance is closer, you can use the elbow, when you have the opportunity to use, horizontal flat vertical up and down around.And then shoulder and hip.It spirals everywhere.Slow practice is to try, practice the body, fast practice is to play.The flip of the two arms is similar to a pair of gears, which pull each other apart when they touch each other’s arms.You should feel your crotch hitting your opponent’s crotch, but not really, and then you’ll feel your speed.Leg inserts the crotch of the other side, stick solid after, slightly next sit body, then cooperate upper limb to send force and fierce rise, with crotch root joint from bottom to top fierce bump the other side under shade, this hand basically is a and cannot close, this is true life and death fight can use.