Spring Festival prevention addiction strategy: rare reunion, parents should play less mobile phone!

2022-05-19 0 By

Will there be any changes this Spring Festival?Or did you find a new place to play on your phone?It is rare to have a holiday, and many people are too lazy to visit their relatives and friends. Instead, they just lie on the sofa and play with their mobile phones whenever they have free time.So, a young and old are playing mobile phones…Do you make time for distraction while reprimanding your kids for thinking about their phones all day?In a variety show, a seven-year-old boy named Hao Hao sang a song called “Father” to his father.And the reason for choosing this song is a surprise to the audience.Since the boy was born, his father has only held his hand twice.It is not that my father is busy at work, nor that he is not at home all the year round, but because my father is a mobile phone lover, all the time at home is holding the mobile phone.Every time the boy wanted his father to play with him, there was a long wait. Every time he tried to hold his father’s hand, there was a rejection.In many cases, parents are more addicted to mobile phones and games than their children, and they rarely or unwillingly accompany their children even if they are around.Over time, children will imitate and learn to rely on mobile phones…In Teenager Talk, a boy named Ye Zijian complained in the program: I always think mobile phones are the children of parents.Every time he needed his parents, they were looking at their phones.Parents in order not to let zijian disturb them, but also threw his mobile phone to him…More and more parents are handing their children their mobile phones as a “snoozing device” in order to “clear their ears”, not knowing that this is the beginning of addiction.Children lack company when they are young and use mobile phones as playmates, but when they grow up, they find that they are addicted to mobile phones, it is too late.At home during the holidays, parents should give their children better company to prevent addiction in a real sense.1. Help children “brush” the sense of existence, recognize the value of self to give children a sense of the ceremony of the Spring Festival, such as shopping together, paste Spring Festival couplets, cleaning, video calls to elders, visit relatives and friends, etc.Usually at home can also help children with homework, chess, painting, storytelling, housework and so on, as much as possible to give children a sense of participation.2. Let children use mobile phones reasonably, reduce Internet time mobile phones can be played in leisure time, after all, mobile phones can look up information to learn, but not overtime entertainment, a day to play up to 2 hours, and the regulation is to play after completing the daily winter vacation homework.In order to achieve accurate time control, parents can use maimiao guardian remote supervision, one-click lock screen, view dynamic information, limit time, form habits and other functions to help children use mobile phones properly.3. Set an example, resist temptation together, enhance self-control parents should not take the mobile phone as a tool to take children, not to ignore the children only playing mobile phone, if you want children to play mobile phone less, parents should first do a good example.Parents can also ask their children to be supervisors when setting rules for cell phone use. They can avoid cell phone use at certain times or they will be punished by their children.Either way, take advantage of the holidays to spend time with your kids.