There are still more than 100 days of high school entrance examination, my daughter made these 10 points, to achieve the curve overtaking

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Recently, there are candidates over years over years some anxiety, asked me: time is too fast, count on the fingers, only more than 100 days in the examination, there are so many things did not review, the teacher said all day to bend overtaking, how can we achieve the bend overtaking?Indeed, the high school entrance examination is only one hundred and one month, I especially understand the students now mood, because I have been with them as anxious, my daughter has also been anxious.I don’t say big truth, also don’t say empty general comfort words, say my daughter junior three experience.I once said that when my daughter had a headache in grade two, the doctor even said it was headache epilepsy, the whole person could not go to school, I took her everywhere in Zhengzhou and Beijing to see a doctor, grade two basically did not learn, she was not willing to repeat, to grade three, encountered the same problem, how can realize the curve overtaking?The daughter made it to ten.First, make up lessons.The second day of homework must be filled, or the third day of learning is a castle in the air, how to fill?In addition to getting her daughter to study, she had to find outside help.I invited a relative who had just graduated from a normal university and taught in junior high school. She was my daughter’s cousin.This is not paid tutor, but let her pick up have not learned of course completion, the focus will be to her daughter’s cousin is to learn science, junior high school at everything, so the time after school every afternoon and Sunday, is my daughter make up a missed lesson time, the effect is very good, quickly swallow the homework, cousin tutored her course in grade three.Second, I bought a whole set of CDS of special teachers’ lectures in junior high school.The special grade teacher’s lectures are humorous and witty, and she can explain the difficult problems in a simple way. Her daughter was very interested and took time to watch the CD when she came back. She said that she felt improved quickly during her rest time.Third, establish goals and self-confidence.At first, I gave my daughter a very low goal, because of illness delayed school, only said to take an examination of an ordinary high school on the line, because the water only look at the legs of mud, as long as serious study, ordinary high school can be admitted to a good university.My daughter set her sights on a key senior high school. She said, “I have the confidence to be admitted to a key senior high school.”With goals, there is an internal motivation to learn, so parents don’t have to whip themselves up.Fourth, take notes in class.Taking notes in class was a habit I developed when I was in middle school. When I thought it was good, I passed it on to my daughter.How do you take notes in class?Is a class to prepare a special notebook, while listening to the lecture, while the teacher said the key, wonderful sentences and examples recorded.Class notes whether the handwriting is good or bad, as long as they can understand it, after class according to the class notes review, the effect is super good.You can also combine the classroom notes with the wrong questions for one, so you don’t need to see anything else before the exam, but you can harvest the classroom notes.Fifth, brush the questions selectively.The biggest characteristic of senior three and junior three is to brush questions, brush questions constantly.The teacher said that practice makes perfect, brush questions can improve the speed of doing questions, is for the high school entrance examination and brush.I told my daughter that we should have our own brains and brush selectively.The teacher gives a lot of tasks to brush every day, to choose the necessary time to brush.In addition, we should brush real questions, which is to do more in previous years.Do more tests than brush other questions much better, do not believe you try.Sixth, plan and summarize.I taught my daughter that, too.She executed it well.Specifically, write a few things to do a day in the morning, in addition to the class to write homework, but also should brush how many questions, a list of learning plan.The plan is to do what you can to make sure it can be done.It’s meaningless if you don’t finish it.Every time the daughter completed a task, she crossed it out with a red pen. At night, she crossed out all the tasks for the day, indicating that she had completed them.When you’re done, write a brief reflection on your day’s gains and losses behind your plan.Do this, every day there is a sense of task, a sense of acquisition, feel that learning becomes orderly, the effect can not be good?7. Work regularly.My daughter gets up at 6 am and goes to bed at 10 PM on time, never staying up late.Eighth, self-discipline.Learning must depend on self-discipline.Like watching TV every day.She only watches TV when she eats.Finished the meal, immediately stood up and went to their own room to learn, never greedy TV.The same is true with your phone.She had a cell phone, but she gave it to her mom.Every day back to play only half an hour of mobile phone, and is in the study of tired time.When the time is up, give the phone to mom.She said she often lost control of her phone when it was in her hands.Ninth, competitive learning.Her daughter said she had three best friends in class, and they were almost inseparable at school.They study about the same level, meet problems to discuss learning, test competition with each other.Finally, all my bestie classmates were admitted to key high schools.Tenth, talk to your parents.Usually communicate with parents, talk about learning, difficulties and problems encountered.Sometimes parents can be very helpful.Her daughter almost missed a semester in her second year of junior high school, but with self-discipline and these methods, her grades improved rapidly and she was finally admitted to a key high school.All the teachers said that her daughter had worked a miracle.Therefore, there are more than 100 days from the middle school examination, everything is still too late, adjust themselves, find out the method for their own, learning will get twice the result with half the effort.