127,800 cases, SUV good recommendation, joint venture brand, real shooting Bin Zhi

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Young people like SUVs for higher ground clearance, more room and a more personalized, stylish look.However, the majority of young people have limited funds to buy cars, and the compact SUV of about 100,000 yuan is obviously more popular.In the aspect of appearance, the locomotive is consistent with the aesthetic taste of the public consumers, and adopts the more popular design style.The sporty look kit adds a bit of life to the car.With a body size of 4340/1790/1605mm and a wheelbase of 2610mm, and a brand name of Wanli, the Rear and front tires are standard size 215/55 R17, the Bin Zhi looks imposing on the side.From the rear of the car, the overall shape design of the tail is more trendy, and has a good effect.Inside, the interior looks classy, with an asymmetrical design on the center console. In terms of equipment, the car also comes with tire pressure alarm, automatic parking, front keyless entry, keyless start system, Bluetooth/car phone and more.The three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel uses plastic material, slightly cheap, general grip, multi-functional keys feel and convenience are good.The rear seat of the car supports backrest adjustment, rear space is enough, can cope with the needs of daily travel.In terms of power, it is powered by a 1.5-L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 131 HP and a peak torque of 155 N · m. It is matched by a CVT continuously variable transmission with a fuel consumption of 6.1L/100km.Comments: The Bin Zhi with the support of GaC Honda, the appearance level of the Bin Zhi meets my requirements, the front face looks more aggressive and stylish.The Power performance of the Bin Zhi is relatively mediocre, making it a relatively simple family car.Moreover, the Honda Bin Zhi, as a premium model of Honda, is cost-effective and not too expensive. If necessary, we can consider buying it.