Longwan contributes to common prosperity with the construction of the whole future community

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Build the overall future urban pattern, implement the party building governance model, create quality and shared service standards……February 7, in the province’s “New Year’s first meeting”, Longwan District Party secretary, Wenzhou High-tech Zone Party working committee secretary Monday fu shared the experience of exploring the whole future community to create common prosperity of the modern basic unit of Longwan.Last year, Longwan District implemented the first regional future community pilot in the province, built the city brand of “New Center · Big future”, and integrated the construction of regional future community into the work of common prosperity.This paper summarizes three effective experiences: to build a solid base for common prosperity with future urban pattern, to expand the path of common prosperity with future governance mode, and to improve the connotation of common prosperity with future service standard.Fuchun Future community the basic modern unit of common prosperity is future community.Longwan District takes the whole future as the design concept, takes the future community as the focus, drives the overall improvement of Longwan district, and promotes the formation of high quality life in the whole district.It has laid out 12 future communities, 15 future parks, 8 future blocks, 10 future villages and other basic units, forming a construction list of “five hundred projects”, enabling regions with different resource endowments to get on the “same train of prosperity”.In 2021, the operating income of all villages under the jurisdiction will exceed 600,000 yuan and the average total income of villages will exceed 6 million yuan.The key of common affluence lies in party building to command integral wisdom to govern.Through digital reform, Longwan has built a new social governance system of “one network for intelligent distribution, one network for management and one network for operation”.Through the “Red sentinel system” and other forms, accelerate the integration of Party building and governance, and achieve 100% coverage of “big Party Committee” construction in the community and 100% digital reform of grassroots grid;It has created 35 key application scenarios centering on urban management, and built the urban intelligent governance system. Among them, the provincial “Opening list” project of the “One-key Search for Gardens” has been carried out.We vigorously launched cross-level, cross-provincial, and city-wide Internet access programs, with 93.33 percent of them being approved.An important manifestation of common prosperity is the sharing of quality public services.Longwan District strives to create a future community life scene, provides inclusive and modern education services for residents, and promotes the implementation of “Learning in Zhejiang” in future communities. The number and floor area of new primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are among the top in Wenzhou, with inclusive kindergartens accounting for 98.3%.Provides secure smart of nursing services, and promote “longevity” in zhejiang landing future community, through the “city” in the future, to raise intelligence platform online order can provide life care, chatting and so on more than 20 agents pension services, has for the 438 – year – old difficult old man lived alone installation of water, electricity, gas, smart watches, such as monitoring equipment, 3 months to complete the online services 2309 single.Last year, Longwan District and Longwan District won the supervision and encouragement of the provincial government of the Future Community, and ranked among China’s Top 100 Innovative areas and Top 100 High-quality development areas. The income of urban and rural residents was 69,984 yuan and 44,430 yuan respectively, and the income multiple difference was 1.575 yuan. Wenzhou city was the best and Zhejiang Province was the sixth, and common prosperity took a solid step.In the future, Longwan District will continue to adhere to the principle of party construction, overall promotion and digital empowerment, and demonstrate the creation of a prosperous, balanced, civilized and happy vision.Source: Longwan Rong Media Center Reporter: Wu Huifang, Zheng Yi Photography: Jiang Guorong First Review Editor: Ye Wei Responsible Editor: Gu Zhangtong Review: Qian Zhongbiao Director Supervisor: Chen Taicang Supervisor: Chen Yiquan Chen Xiyu Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi