Is Changchun normal college undergraduate course or specialized subject?

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Changchun Normal University is a public secondary school.The enrollment level includes undergraduate, junior college and graduate.The school has a good school spirit and strict and orderly management.Changchun Normal University (CHANGCHUN Normal University), located in Changchun, is an important training base for basic education teachers and applied senior professional talents in Jilin Province. It is an applied and research-oriented provincial normal university with the right to confer doctoral degrees.Changchun Normal University is the birthplace of normal education in Jilin Province. It was founded in 1906 (32nd year of The Reign of Emperor Guangxu) as the official Changchun Normal School.Over the past hundred years, in different historical periods, the school has been renamed as Changchun Prefectural Normal School, Changchun County Normal School, Jichang Provincial Normal School, Jilin Provincial Second Normal School (referred to as the second Normal School), Changchun Normal School.In 1958, Changchun Normal College was established on the basis of Changchun Normal School by the Municipal Government. In 1981, The Ministry of Education officially approved the establishment of Changchun Normal College. In 2013, changchun Normal University was renamed As Changchun Normal University.Changchun normal university is a few university Changchun normal University in Jilin has the first batch of student recruitment also has the second batch of student recruitment, so strictly speaking, we say Changchun normal University is two universities, if all in the first batch of undergraduate student recruitment, we just say Changchun normal University is a university.If you are not a jilin examinee, Changchun Normal University in your province is a batch of undergraduate students, you can also say changchun Normal University is a university.Changchun Normal University undergraduate and junior college undergraduate: there are 74 majors.It covers nine disciplines including literature, science, history, education, management, law, engineering, art and economics.Specialty: there are 10 specialties.Mainly primary school teachers, e-commerce, hotel management, computer application, automobile manufacturing and engineering measurement.The historical evolution of Changchun Normal University was founded in 1958, when it was named Changchun Normal College. In 1963, it was renamed Changchun Normal College, and in 1981, it was renamed Changchun Normal College. Since 1986, it has been subordinate to China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation.In 2013, it was renamed Changchun Normal University.As of March 2019, changchun Normal University has 457 graduate supervisors, including 18 doctoral supervisors, 439 master supervisors and 46 off-campus practice supervisors.12 state Council special allowance winners, 1 national skill Expert honorary title, 1 “Changbai Mountain Scholar”, 3 “Changbai Mountain Skill Famous Teacher”, 5 senior experts and senior experts of Jilin Province, 17 young and middle-aged professional and technical talents with outstanding contributions in Jilin Province, 1 Excellent professional and technical Talent of Jilin Province,Jilin province top creative talents one, two, three levels for 29 m, 1 high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent in jilin province, jilin province colleges and universities in the new century excellent talents 11 people, the jilin province green shoots of university’s scientific research personnel nine people, 10 people teaching masters of jilin province, jilin province outstanding teachers 4 people, teaching rookie 2 people, jilin province changchun city government special allowance winner 3 people,There are 8 experts with outstanding contributions in Changchun city, 2 excellent Talents in Changchun City, 1 model of Teaching and Educating in Jilin Province (nomination award), 1 Good man and Most Beautiful Teacher in Jilin Province and Huang Danian Good Teacher (nomination award), 1 Advanced Individual of Teacher’s Ethics in Jilin Province education system, 1 Model of Teacher’s Ethics in Jilin Province, 2 Model of Teacher’s Ethics in Changchun City;There are 1 national teaching team, 10 provincial excellent teaching teams, and 3 famous teachers’ studios in Colleges and universities in Jilin Province.As of March 2021, students of Changchun Normal University have received 21 international awards, 254 national awards and 550 provincial awards.The school has won the overall champion four times, the second place once and the third place once in the biannual Jilin Normal University Students’ Language and Writing Basic Skills Competition, and won all the individual prizes in the competition for three times.She won the first prize in the 2010 National College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling, and won the national champion in the 2008 and 2011 China College Women’s Volleyball League.As of March 2021, CHANGCHUN Normal University has undertaken 902 vertical research projects at various levels, including 47 national research projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office, Ministry of Education, etc.624 provincial science and technology development planning projects, provincial philosophy and social science planning projects;It has undertaken 10 national teaching research projects and 150 provincial (ministry) level teaching research projects.A total of 3219 academic papers were published, including 416 SCI, CSSCI and other high-level retrieval papers.1118 Chinese core journals and above;He has published 227 monographs, teaching materials and reference books.According to the “Annual Employment Quality Report of Changchun Normal University Graduates”, the average employment rate of recent three undergraduate graduates at the end of the year is 95.4%, ranking among the best among universities in Jilin Province.