How many pounds have you gained over the New Year?

2022-05-23 0 By

I have not long New Year this year, but also reduced a few pounds, although tired half dead, but very happy!Because of the surprise I think it’s always the same rhythm guys, isn’t it?Delete (figure from network infringement shall) I opened a store, the main selling underwear, socks business of anemic at ordinary times will not go to play every time go out to play in the heart not put, a few years ago, this should be the common fault of the businessmen, during the Spring Festival is the most prosperous season, our business over the years has become the most dismal season, the contrast between the,Really let a person hardly wished to live!This year, so I decided to take advantage of the business is bad, completely give yourself, enlarge false, reward yourself for two days, also update the headlines and video, think later, enlarge false anyway, just all my play once so, headlines and video was my holiday [his face] [his face] is that the consequences of back,Fans lost nearly 10 [and] [and] go to bed very late every day in the morning, don’t need to eat breakfast, have been able to eat lunch eat lunch and sister they go hiking, a walk is an afternoon nature is really beautiful, fresh air, green trees and flowers, let a person find the scenery pleasing to both the although is very beautiful, but I seldom go out, tired half dead after you come back,I don’t want to eat dinner either (maybe I had a good lunch or maybe I eat dinner early and light).May be too tired, don’t feel hungry, then, seems to only eat a meal in a day to go to bed wash gargle finished, started and brothers and sisters in zhuhai Chinese New Year didn’t come back online, playing mahjong is a dozen more than twelve o ‘clock, the result usually don’t stay up late I might be too xing for reasons, one and two hours before sleep so had messed up all my usual routine, a serious shortage of sleep,Like black circles are out [wu face][wu face][wu face][wu face] every day so words is to rest, completely enlarged holiday, the result is too tired than usual but let a person surprise is this year’s New Year unexpectedly no long meat ah!Not only did he not gain any weight, but he lost a few pounds. What a surprise!What a surprise!Think about the process of their efforts to lose weight, let a person tear eyes, reduce a catty feel difficult!But this year is so imperceptibly lost a few jins of happiness day inadvertently came although lost the weight, but feel a little haggard, as if some old [tears][tears] this world is not perfect thing, gain must lose friends!How were you this Spring Festival?Is it gaining weight or losing weight?