Huashan town electrical plant community: pavement pavement pavement speed belt to build strong safety protection net

2022-05-23 0 By

Recently, huashan town electric plant community in the daily safety investigation found that the number of private cars at the entrance of the family area and the section inside the community is increasing, in and out of the vehicle to residents travel caused a lot of safety risks, so that residents are very troubled.In this regard, the electrical plant community actively organized planning, on-site inspection, contact the superior relevant departments, in this section of the road to complete the extravagant work of the deceleration belt.The installation of speed bumps, reminded residents crowd slow down, in and out of the vehicle speed slowed significantly after installation, effectively reduce the way the safety hidden danger of driving too fast, build a road safety nets for the dweller, to the construction of a harmonious and stable community civilization laid a good foundation, has won the praise of the masses.Source: Huashan town electrical plant community correspondent: Member min editor: Li Qianqian