I am on the post | Fusong public security lost for the elderly to illuminate the road home reunion

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“At that time was really anxious bad, I really don’t know how to do well, thanks to the police to help me find my old mother, the first day of the New Year to you trouble!”At home waiting for the old man to eat the family reunion dinner children excitedly to fusong County public security Wanliang police station police thank again and again.February 1, is the New Year’s day, evening, Fusong County public Security Bureau Wanliang police station received the masses for help, found a lost old man at the door of the Village committee in Renyi village.The police arrived at the scene for the first time after receiving the police. When communicating with the old man, the police found that the old man’s words were vague, delirious, unable to understand the identity of the old man, home address and other useful information.Cold weather, the police decided to take the old man back to the police station for warmth, for the old man to send hot water, relieve the old man’s nervous mood.Then the police timely contact area of the village committee director and auxiliary police stationed in the village, in everyone’s joint efforts, finally learned that the old man is Xiangyang village, and determine the identity of the old man.After several twists and turns, the police finally contacted the old man’s family members and returned the old man safely to his home.The police remind the elderly should not go out alone, family members can put a card with family name, address, contact number and other information in their clothing, in case of lost, can timely contact with family members.