Set up special seats for love, special areas for the elderly wisdom to help the elderly walk heart temperature

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In order to solve the difficult problem of the elderly using intelligent technology, Ningxia Unicom takes various measures and holds practical events to continuously solve the “urgent and anxious” problems of customers and meet the intelligent life needs of the elderly.Ningxia Unicom has set up special seats for the elderly in its business halls, providing free drinking water, free use of reading glasses and other love services;At the same time, a special green channel is set up for the business of the elderly, providing humanized “suitable for the elderly” services such as health code check, customer number retrieval and bill printing.Ningxia Unicom has launched exclusive packages such as Filial piety card and Silver Age card.Filial piety card can provide differentiated function services such as recording caring voice/setting scheduled voice call, fraud phone interception report push, and inquiring the scope of parents’ activities;The Silver Age card package includes the “Shenbao” App, an information service for the elderly, which provides featured content services to the elderly in the form of multimedia.Intelligent customer service online assistance for the elderly for the elderly over 65 years old, to achieve the 10010 hotline “one-click access” manual special, online guidance to help the elderly to handle business, service is more convenient and accurate.In addition to magnifying buttons and fonts, in the column of “Second to understand Unicom to help the elderly”, the elderly are provided with mobile phone using skills, anti-fraud knowledge and other video content.At the same time, for customers over 60 years old, offline public welfare classes are organized, professional courseware is prepared, knowledge of mobile payment, transportation, fraud prevention, medical health and other knowledge is popularized, and the elderly are helped to solve the problems of daily smart life services.This article comes from: New China News reporter: Chen Yong