Uzi is no worse than the sword dog, BLG failed fans beg Uzi to play, see the hanfu record after the collective silence

2022-05-24 0 By

On February 13, the league of Legends LPL spring game broadcast by Tiger Teeth welcomed a heavyweight duel, one side is the momentum of the BLG team, the other side is the UNdefeated LNG, unexpectedly, BLG was chased by LNG in two games in the first city, and the third game was defeated in less than 25 minutes.Very regretful at the same time also caused numerous netizens hot discussion.The third competition LNG select Gwen, blind monk, Mr Gary, policewoman and radiance, BLG is jess, xenzhao, ritz, sharmila and the combination of Titan, although preliminary LNG better rhythm, ta regretted blind monk with his teammates to get a lot of the man’s head, but the BLG operation ability is very good, the economy has maintained a leading, unexpectedly appeared in about 20 minutes.At that time, LNG chose Tai Ryu force, but the BLG’s Ruizi and Jez TP arrived and were outflanked. With Nakano’s death, Sharmila was also stuck and unable to escape. LNG finally played a perfect 0 for 5 regiment battle, and took tai Ryu, and then pushed down with tai Ryu’s BUFF.LNG chose to force a run to end the game.It has to be said that LNG is worthy of being the top team in LPL at present, both in terms of individual strength and decision-making tactics are very strong, plus BP clearly targeted the other team in this game, BLG did not lose.After the game, many fans also petitioned for Uzi to play. Some netizens said that Uzi should not be worse than Doggo.It’s time to show up. What better time than now?It didn’t take long for some netizens to dig up Uzi’s current achievements in Hanbok, and the collective silence was silenced after watching it.Uzi has been in intensive training, but his condition has been up and down. His win rate in the last week is only around 45%, and his monthly win rate is only 50/50, not to mention that this is only in diamond section. As a C position, he does not even have a master section, so it is difficult to play.Of course there is a big difference between a Rank and a real game, the more experienced players have an advantage, the most important thing now is to give Uzi a chance to regain his confidence, no wonder BLG is so cautious about starting him.When do you think the dog can play?