Warriors trade for real?Bring out the all-stars and the underachiever, and go after the top defenders for the title

2022-05-24 0 By

The Warriors finished the season with no loss, with a solid third place in the western Conference at best and a fourth place at worst, which everyone can accept.But if the Warriors are ready to win, it’s questionable, given the obvious weaknesses, with green and Looney struggling inside, and the heavily anticipated Wiseman going down with an injury that won’t help the Warriors.Therefore, warriors are expected to meet the strength of the team inside, should be more struggle, unless the outside collective outbreak, otherwise it is difficult to go further.On the other hand, many of the Warriors’ key players have been injured or sidelined all season and have not been playing consistently.The playoffs aren’t that crowded, but the Warriors have no advantage against anyone when their core players aren’t in shape.At the same time, sources say the Warriors are planning their roster ahead of time for next season, and they’re willing to work on it if they can bolster their interior.The potential deal would see the Warriors trade all-star forward Wiggins and talented inside man Chris Wiseman for gobert, the league’s best defender.It’s no secret that the Utah Jazz and Gobert’s breakup is inevitable, but are they really willing to trade with the Warriors?Wiggins is 27, Wiseman is 21, and he’s not going to last. Maybe the Warriors just aren’t right for him.Expect the Jazz to seriously consider a potential trade and the Warriors to make a lot of money, if they’re willing to put a lot of salary pressure on Gobert, who is also under a huge contract, probably $200 million over five years.But the strength on paper is exaggerated, with curry, Poole and Klay in the backcourt and Green and Gobert in the paint, there are few weaknesses.Green and Gobert’s defensive ability will allow the three backcourts to focus more on offense, and the Warriors have a very good rotation, with Kminga and Luni available at any time.If the Warriors are going to capitalize on the residual value of their veteran core for a championship run, it’s imperative to land Gobert, especially if gobert’s exit is clear.We don’t want to call this deal fake news for the moment, it can be understood as a possible direction to discuss, especially the Warriors have no better choice, minor repairs are not too much substantive help to the team lineup.To put it plainly, the Warriors don’t really have the guts to make a serious case for a title without deep paint. Green is too weak to defend the big, powerful paint, and the Warriors don’t have any dribbling singles on the offensive end.So, if you can strengthen a piece, go after Gerber first, worthy of support.