Coin collection, money not only to have vision, but also decisive

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At present, no matter what occupation we are engaged in, in any position, we are the essence of money, that in the end to have what kind of conditions we can make money?I still remember that xiaobian’s teacher said in the course of career planning in college that we should have a long-term vision for the choice of career.Say great, we are in efforts to the development of the country, we are the Chinese dream in the future, for the sake of communist society, selfish, work is to let oneself live easier in the future, have more time to enjoy in the future, go to travel, see oneself not seen in the beautiful scenery,To acquire that which had been denied by lack of material means.The teacher also said that we work to make money, and how to find a job, how to make money is the key.2: NGC MS 64, estimated value: USD 2000-40000, transaction price: USD 93600 Xiaobi is currently also engaged in silver dollar related work, has worked for several years, as an adult to have a certain judgment on the occupation.In the opinion of xiaobian, the following two points are enough to make a lot of money.First, we must be discerning.Small make up have a colleague, engaged in silver related work only two or three years, in the work are exposed to many knowledge of the silver dollar, see some collectors of silver in the hands of appreciation overnight millions, so after learned many knowledge, and after careful consideration, finally decided to collect a popular currency, in just three months,Its economic value increased more than tenfold.I asked him why he had made such a sudden choice.What if I lose money?He said, I bought this silver coin, I like it, if I lose, I will keep it as a common silver coin, just for my own liking.If there’s a chance it’ll go up, I’ll make a small profit.Xiaobian once had such an opportunity, but afraid of losing money did not invest.So we should be discerning when choosing the collection of silver coins and choose the right silver coins.3: Guangxu Year Construction Department LIANGwu Zhongzi NGC MS 66, estimated value: RMB 100000, transaction price: RMB 594000. Second, you should have decisive judgment.In such a mixed antique market, must have their own judgment.You can’t just let the seller do what he says.When we choose the collection, we must have a decisive judgment, if in the face of a favorite collection, they also have the ability to take, listen to the subjective assumptions of others, it is likely to lead to the opportunity to miss the opportunity, lost a very good collection.Of course, not only will you be afraid, but you may also be confused by others’ analysis. If you buy things without a clue, you will only lose yourself in the end.After all, most of these things are not as good as you think they are.4: Beiyang Guangxu 24 Pentagon PCGS MS 61, estimated value: RMB 300000, Transaction price:RMB 575000 said so much it is mainly to use examples to make a judgment, the reality of this kind of things happen or a lot of, so we do not put the antique silver dollar market imagine so simple, after all, have been in the society, honest and honest people will certainly have some cunning cunning people.So most of the time we envy those successful people not only envy, there will be part of the worship, because they made money, and the process of making money is a lot of us can not do, which has their unique vision, different from the idea of ordinary people.Whether it is to be discerning or resolute, this is not a day or two to achieve, xiaobian also hope that you can slowly try to make their own would like to do, but too much thought and dare not to make the decision.