From 4 tons of gold bought second-hand, to ban the export, explain The Chinese island building artifact Tiankun!

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When it comes to the country with the highest level of infrastructure in the world, China is definitely at the top of the list. The most typical example is the construction of high-speed railways and Bridges in China. There is no coverage rate of high-speed railways like ours in any region of the world, and we are involved in all the world-class bridge projects.In addition to these popular livelihood projects, there are also many memorable cases in our heavy industry, such as the dredger, which we hear less about.In the era of technology shortage, we had to buy from other countries at high prices. Today, we have been able to overtake them and even started to restrict the export of technology. It is a great turnaround.Among the many projects, the dredger named Tian Kun is one of the most famous. It also has a very vivid nickname called the Island Making Artifact. In the whole Asia, no matter it is built or constructed, it can not be surpassed.If you can see the big guy, you must be deeply impressed by its appearance, is not only the whole ship is huge, and its complex shape, looks like in transformers the universe to see how the structure of the robot, as if a particular button, it can be in the next second incarnation as bumblebee.However, tian Kun is no match for gold, its actual combat ability is excellent.Friends who have done the site should all know that dredging is definitely not an easy thing. To drill, to dig, to transport smoothly, it is not possible to rely on a excavator alone, and several units must be put together.Of course, tiankun will not be used to build our houses, it has more difficult tasks, such as dredging rivers, reclaiming land from the sea and so on.In general, the design of the dredger to ensure that a few processes at the same time, especially in mining and transportation, day Kun ability need most in this respect, digging depth let alone one breath in a gasp, a can probe into the 35 meters the following, an hour can make thousands of cubic, not to mention its transportation ability ranked first in the world.Tiankun, properly named the Cutter suction Vessel, was originally designed to deal with the problem of sediment deposition in rivers such as the Yangtze.Seems to have only Huang Hecai sedimentation problems in our impression, actually deposition in the Yangtze river is very serious, according to experts the given data, sediment along the Yangtze river every year need to clean up in about 6000 cubic feet, and the river is the river transportation is the most important trunk road, if you can’t deal with the problem of sediment in time, will cause serious influence production activities of the whole basin.As early as when the Qing government was still in power, we had realized this, but at that time we had almost no heavy industry of our own, and even the most basic shipbuilding industry was still in its infancy, let alone large dredgers.Due to the impact of the war, the whole industry was still at a very backward level until the founding of New China. In the 1960s, we even got a second-hand dredger from a foreign country at a price equivalent to 4 tons of gold.Because of the fear of having to invest money again after the ship gets old and damaged, I tried my best to get the design drawings from others. The whole process was very bumpy.But these experiences make us realize that how important it is for has its own technology and productivity, if not, always be disciplined by others, look at the others face, may have can not get rich, because the somebody else also don’t want you to learn their technology, it is in this context, day Kun size design is imperative.Island artifact to make difficulties faced by a dredger ship road again is a completely different concept, to build a bridge with because the ship is action on rivers and lakes, it is not only to consider dredging technology itself, but also guarantee the security of the whole construction process has very high, especially can face will appear in the great waves at any time, to deal with all kinds of the possibility of extreme weather.According to the design experience in this field and the specific conditions of China’s rivers and seas, the wind and wave strength of Tiankun is level 14.Most impressive of all, the ship is designed to be unmanned and automated, requiring only background adjustments based on the information the ship receives from the surface.From the route to the construction, the operation is basically written into the program, which avoids the possible accident and loss of personnel and property, and improves the efficiency of the construction to a new stage, and shows amazing progress in the island building project in Hainan.In less than six months, the island builder completed all the expected excavation targets, a total of 1.2 billion cubic meters of sand, if replaced by human labor, I would have been unable to complete.Tiankun’s island-building capabilities were evident, so it was soon involved in more such projects.Artificial islands are important infrastructure projects in many coastal countries around the world, and their functions involve many aspects, such as landing bases for aircraft equipment, which are often closely linked to national military strategy.Once we have a place to settle down, it is just like when we have dug our trenches on the battlefield. If we have a place to cover ourselves and put up our guns, the enemy must first pass this barrier before he can penetrate further into the interior.Today we already have The Island of Perpetual Heat in the South China Sea, where a complete infrastructure has been established as a service base, and the much larger Island of Mischief, which is an important staging post for our air force’s maritime activities.In conclusion, we can say that a considerable part of our national defense is built on these artificial islands. With the change of the international situation, there will be more such islands in the future, and the island making artifact like Tiankun will be more used to give full play to its capabilities and fulfill its mission.