The first theory examination of “Western Learning middle School” in Zhengzhou Ninth Hospital was completed

2022-05-25 0 By

In order to encourage TCM in western medicine, establish a talent training mechanism, speed up the construction of medical rehabilitation highland, improve the service capacity and professional level of TCM in hospitals, and give full play to the characteristics and advantages of TCM.On March 11th, zhengzhou Ninth People’s Hospital held the examination of basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine in conference room 6.More than 170 non-tcm physicians participated in the theoretical examination.On January 11th, The Ninth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou launched the theoretical knowledge training of “Western Learning”, and now the course “Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese medicine” has been taught.This theory examination is mainly to examine the knowledge of “basic theory of TCM”, popularize the basic theory of TCM, basic knowledge and skills.The examination site, each examinee carefully answer, the examination room orderly, strict discipline.After the examination of “Basic Theory of TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine”, Zhengzhou Ninth People’s Hospital will continue to conduct other courses of “Western Learning” training, further standardize the rational use of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine technology and methods, and improve the level of clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine.(FanXing)