LEC Classic loser to win?G2 after elimination of Perkz: start researching MSI opponents

2022-05-26 0 By

Believe many hero alliance players on both format is not too clear, is currently the world’s top four division two division is playing both format, including LEC has been underway for many years, and LPL division play double defeat in last year, including FPX is under the double failure format of “victim”, because they are in the spring and summer are lost in group winner!For both format, everyone have their own words, some say it can exercise the mindset of the players, because only when lose very thoroughly can stimulate the potential of team, can let the team really wake up, and on the experience is also improved, after all, more than a few players handle and status are not the same!However, in the LEC division, there is always a rumor that the loser group equals the champion, because many loser groups have made it to the finals, and G2 has done this many times!This season, the G2’s overall form has been very inconsistent, they faced their old rivals FNC in the playoffs, as well as their familiar old teammates Wunder, went straight to the 0-3 group of losers.It’s true that throughout the regular season, especially with single-caps in the old days of top Carry, he was a bit of a version of the trap, and the team would suffer a bit without him.However, the team was still optimistic, after all, this was the loser group, they met old friends again in the loser group, led by Perkz VIT, in the end G2 easily defeated their opponents 3-0 to advance!Perkz and Caps, two old friends, had a friendly interaction with each other before the game, which showed what LEC’s strong “CP” is, and the ability of the whole game is first-class!However, in the end, VIT was swept, two of the games were upset by G2, and the third game was upset after leading 7000 economy!Perkz tweeted after the game: “Another day of being easily crushed. Hope you guys come on!”The G2 side, with a loser group buff, has already started studying MSI opponents, and even Caps has been keeping an eye on LPL’s old rival Rookie!Do you think G2 can break out of the LEC?