Wenshui traffic police: obey the traffic rules and fasten your seat belt

2022-05-26 0 By

Yellow River News Network Luliang news in order to further strengthen the use of safety belts, effectively improve the people’s awareness of traffic safety, to create a harmonious road traffic environment, is the recent occurrence of traffic accidents on safety belts case exposure: case:January 14 afternoon, Li Chao Jin J8H**6 small car along wenshui County Binhe West road to the north Zhang Village section of the road, to avoid the vehicle into the other lane, and Ma Tiger driving Jin A58**Y small car head-on collision of the traffic accident.At the time of the accident, both Li chao and Ma Hu were wearing seat belts, causing minor injuries to Li Chao and Ma Hu, but no serious injury or death.Scene: Extensive damage to the front of both vehicles, airbags deployed in one of them.Seat belt function: restrain displacement and buffer effect, absorb impact energy, resolve inertia force, prevent or reduce the degree of injury of drivers and passengers.Warm tips: The traffic police department reminds the majority of traffic participants that in the face of traffic accidents, life is often extremely fragile. This traffic accident once again reminds us that we must pay attention to traffic safety, fasten the seat belt and comply with traffic regulations.