Kamen Knight Armorate: Balon actors have a history of theft and lemon locks are cold

2022-05-27 0 By

If false face knight cursed set in series, one is before been poking fun at the super team hao fast red next door, and its cooperation with in basically all cool, before the emperor ride, ooo after reflection, and now, as the events of armoured force actor longa actor is revealed, lead to lemon lock has become the new cursed props, used lemon lock kind of cool.Japanese boy band BOYS AND MEN’s Toyosu Kobayashi (33), also known as Kamen Knight Ketakenaka, has been released from his contract after being caught shoplifting 9,000 yen worth of cosmetics.Interestingly, the original plan of the firm was to release the news of her graduation from the team on the afternoon of April 8th, but unexpectedly, it was revealed that she had stolen and had a black history, so the graduation directly became an appointment to know each other.And has confirmed that he is, after stealing run was also ride a bike on THE way people to grasp THE justice, it tried to intercede to pay ten thousand yen settled, THE results did not think of THE hotel directly select THE alarm (obviously not poor, but should be kleptomania) THE wave action is really unexpectedly, because its last month as THE Nagoya mask knight exhibition promotion ambassador,I participated in this activity, but in less than a month, the house collapsed directly. It was interesting that this thing had been under pressure before, but it had already happened. There were no actors in Kaiwu, and the probability of house collapse was too high.Although said toei is not in the next round valley, the last full open theme song still dare to find wild crane to sing, can see, but the actor’s behavior stain, should not be enabled, such as ma ling, so after a proud big probability Manila should also won’t come on stage and appeared, this probability is very big, after all, is the role of behavior stain,The knight script is set in the face of a child, and the actors have to be positive (in the early years, even smoking in the lead role of the Holy Blade could set off the rhythm, not to mention stealing), so the future return is almost impossible.In summary, armoured force the work, all the way to look at heart is really tired and sad, now already mask knight armoured force evaluation every sense is very good, the individual also is very like it, but how also not so many things, orange worship the god of toilet, banana when the thieves, ling maicon indecent things, really let a person afflictive.And it also proves one thing, lemon locks are cursed.