The best way to test a man’s love for you: Ask him three questions

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Article: the guardian of emotion uses the most simple text, write the world cold and warm, cure lonely heart.The more deeply you love someone, the more bottomless you are, always worried about the other side’s sudden departure.Because too care about each other, full of eye is each other, so do not want to a period of time later, two people have no contact, also have no relationship.In daily life, I will often test the extent of their love, how likely they are to stay by their side, and whether there will be changes in an instant that I cannot accept.Although they are constantly testing each other’s hearts, they may not be using the right method.To put it bluntly, even if you spend a lot of time on this topic, you may not be sure that the other person has a loyal heart and is willing to risk his or her future for you.If there’s a problem with probing, it’s ineffective and you don’t know what the other person is going to do next.If you can’t read a person’s mind in time, you can’t find the other person’s change in a short time.This means that you can get hurt by the other person.It is extremely important to see the other person clearly, and to find the best way.Because only really see the heart, the decision to make the most correct, will not lose the right person, will not be black and blue, become nothing.In fact, there are many ways to determine how much someone loves you, and it is extremely easy to verify.There are some simple ways to figure out exactly how long someone is willing to spend with you.Ask these three questions when communicating, for example, and you’ll be able to see the other person clearly.First question: “Do you have me in your future plans?”The person who loves you deeply is ready to spend the rest of his life with you and will never leave no matter what happens.Since there is no premeditated breakup, nothing that is done to get rid of your relationship is likely to hurt you and make you think you made a mistake choosing him.Whenever you ask him what his plans are and if he wants to work with you, he will not hesitate and the answer is yes.A man’s answer is exactly what you want. It shows that he loves you more than you think. He convinces you that he can’t be irresponsible or have an outside heart.But if, the man perfunctory answer, do not know in his heart have a position, so you can give up.Because did not give you the answer, is a kind of performance that does not love you, you ask blindly will only cause the other party dislike, receive more harsh words, so, let go is the most wise.Second question: “Would you like to go on a take-away trip with me?”True love, is to guard attentively, put you first.In layman’s terms, he will do whatever you ask for, putting a lot of time and energy into it, rather than ignoring it.For example: what things you are interested in, where you want to go, what changes you want him to make, he will cooperate with you and make you happy.You know, I’m not trying to achieve anything by pandering to you like this.Thus, when you ask a man if he would like to go with you wherever you want to go, you can tell how he feels about you and whether he really dotes on you.Readily promise, and action, is to see you as treasure, willing to care for you;Find some reason to say no and move on. Don’t care about you.A man’s attitude shows how much he loves you and how you can get along with him.The third question: “Can you accept everything about me?”False love, it is impossible to tolerate your shortcomings, accompany you to do childish things, two people often quarrel because of your shortcomings, cold war.I don’t have you in my heart, and I don’t mind that you are a perfect person. In many cases, I will seem to despise you and want to push you away and completely change the relationship.And true love is liking you no matter what you are.Even if you are not a good person and have a lot of bad habits, he will understand and love you and take care of your feelings at all times.A man accepts you for who you are. Don’t try any more. He loves you with all his heart.In the face of such a person, to understand how much he loves you, but also to know that with him will be happy, love you in life, the most unlikely to leave you is him.No matter who you are with, you are not 100% sure that he really loves you. It is impossible for him to leave you.If you don’t know someone, you can’t be sure how long he will love you, what things he will experience with you, and who will never give up on you.If you want to love someone, you need to see where you are in their heart.He has you in his future plan, he is willing to accompany you to do anything, he can accept you everything, is to love you to the extreme, always accompany you around.Meet such a person, don’t miss it, treat him well.-END- Author: Companion of books, fun of writing, freelance writer, veteran mentor of countless people out of emotional difficulties.