Hunan colleges and universities art examination reform plan: pay attention to cultural achievements and emphasize both moral and artistic xin

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Rednet time on February 16 (reporter Pan Jin) want to participate in the college art exam students attention, with the recent “Hunan Province to further strengthen and improve the ordinary college art professional exam recruitment work implementation plan” officially issued, this year’s Hunan college art exam has a lot of new changes.Issued on February 15, hunan province department of education about print and distribute “to further strengthen and improve the professional art in common colleges and universities in hunan province examination recruitment work plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “scheme”), to further improve on the basis of the unified college entrance examination, the art class specialized nationwide examination at the provincial level as the main body, on the basis of culture in the college entrance examination scores, professional test scores, refer to the students’ comprehensive quality evaluation,The examination and enrollment system for art majors in colleges and universities, which includes classified examination, comprehensive evaluation and multiple admission, has formed an evaluation system for art talents selection that promotes fairness, scientific selection and effective supervision.Clear positioning:To cultivate high quality artistic talents of smashing the solution requires a clear the selection and training of talent localization, according to different characteristics of talent cultivation in colleges and universities and professional ability quality requirements, combining the reality of running schools, further alignment with school-running orientation, highlight the school characteristics, construction and school-running orientation and characteristics of art talent selection and cultivation system,Focus on the selection and training of moral and artistic talent;To cultivate artistic talents with solid cultural quality and professional foundation, persist in organizing provincial discipline competitions and skill competitions of art, guide and encourage students to improve their comprehensive quality, comprehensively improve the quality of talent cultivation, and cultivate top-notch artistic talents with rich cultural deposits and outstanding professional abilities.”Scheme” requirement to optimize the art layout of subjects, according to the school running orientation, considering the school conditions, teaching staff, graduate employment situation, college admissions policy implementation and verification results education teaching and professional skill selectiving examination, graduation design selectiving examination, and so on and so forth, strictly control the art class specialized recruitment of students scale, reasonable arrangement of enrollment plan,In principle, it shall not exceed the enrollment scale of the previous year.Art majors with insufficient social demand and low training quality should be reduced or stopped recruiting students.At the same time, vigorously promote the art professional classification examination.The enrollment of art majors in ordinary colleges and universities adopts the examination evaluation method of “cultural quality + professional ability”. The results of cultural courses in college entrance examination are used for cultural quality, and the scores of professional ability in art are used for professional ability.The art professional ability examination includes the provincial unified examination and the college entrance examination, and carries out the classified examination according to the selection and training requirements of different art professional talents.The provincial unified examination for art majors in Hunan province is organized and managed by the Provincial Education Examination Institute, and the college entrance examination is organized and administered by the relevant colleges and universities.The plan points out that from 2023, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Education, further optimize the provincial unified examination category Settings for art majors, and adjust and improve the current 10 unified examination categories accordingly.Hunan provincial unified examination for art majors has covered art majors, and encourages colleges and universities to recruit students in Hunan to directly use the results of the provincial unified examination.For a small number of art colleges with distinctive specialties and high quality of talent cultivation, and for high-level art majors with high requirements on artistic talent, professional skills or basic skills of the examinees, the school examination shall be organized among the students who have passed the provincial unified examination with the approval of the Ministry of Education.Among them, if the provincial colleges and universities need to organize the school examination in other provinces, they must report to the provincial department of Education for examination and verification, and organize the examination according to the specific requirements of the provincial education administrative departments and admission examination institutions in the places where the students come from.Colleges and universities in Hunan are encouraged to take online examinations and submit works for assessment.If the relevant colleges and universities outside hunan province need to organize the on-site school examination in Hunan, they must report to the provincial education administrative department where the school is located for approval, and formulate the on-site school examination plan in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of our province, report to the provincial Education Department in advance, and organize the school examination work under the guidance of hunan Education Examination Institute.Colleges and universities are required to strictly control the number of students taking on-site school exams through online examinations or primary elections using the results of provincial unified examinations. In principle, the number of students taking on-site school exams should not exceed 6 to 8 times of the enrollment plan for relevant majors.From 2024, provincial colleges and universities will no longer go to other provinces to set up school examination sites, and will not accept colleges and universities from other provinces to set up school examination sites in Our province. All the school examinations for art majors in colleges and universities will be organized in the places where the schools are located according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education.The plan points out that from 2022, it will further improve the information database of art professional evaluators, gradually realize joint construction and sharing with other provinces and universities, and expand the selection range of evaluators.We will improve the composition of appraisal personnel, gradually increase the number of appraisal personnel, and expand the proportion of people outside the province and outside the province to more than half by 2024.Explore gradually establish the arts professional examination evaluation and reporting system for the examinee special relationship, all within the prescribed time guidance, guidance or have family relations and other interested for examination and assessment of the personnel and the examinee, must be declared in accordance with requirements, the sign test safety responsibility pledges or pledge, challenge system and strictly implement.If the children or other relatives of the leading cadres of each examination center apply for the provincial unified examination of art majors organized and implemented by this examination center, they should report to the school where the examination center is located and avoid the examination throughout the whole process.Leading cadres of colleges and universities, if their children or other relatives apply for the school entrance examination, must be reported to the school and publicized in the school, the relevant leading cadres should avoid the whole process.Strengthen the sorting and consolidation of the education and training institutions and activities related to the entrance examination of art majors in colleges and universities, strictly prohibit the staff of the examination sites, faculty and staff, especially professional teachers, from independently, jointly or entrusted to hold the art entrance examination training and promotion activities;The “blacklist” system of violators shall be strictly implemented. Examiners who conceal information, practice fraud or violate rules and regulations shall be dealt with seriously according to relevant regulations, and shall be put on the “blacklist”, and shall not participate in the examination and enrollment of colleges and universities for life.”Plan” points out, strengthen the examination organization standard management, strengthen the test site facilities and equipment construction, the use of modern management technology and means, the examination process to implement real-time, full, no dead Angle video monitoring, the whole record of examinee examination and judges work.Strict examination entrance pass, through modern technology means, strictly prevent examinees substitute test or carrying mobile phones and other implementation of cheating.Strict examination organization, the same subject examination set up more than one venue, to strictly implement the on-site lottery before the examination to form the evaluation personnel, examinees and interview venue random arrangement of the “three random” mechanism, strictly prevent exam fraud.Starting from 2023, it will gradually promote the adoption of “evaluation separation” in the examination of related art subjects.It is forbidden to provide places or facilities for any art exam-oriented training institutions, and it is forbidden to participate in art exam-oriented training activities and teaching and guidance activities of the college entrance examination.According to the plan, starting from 2024, the enrollment method of art majors will be reformed. History and physics majors will be arranged and drawn in a unified way. For universities (majors) that do not differentiate their preferred subjects in parallel groups, their candidates will be admitted in a unified order.Further reform and improve the arts admission policy, art history, drama, film and television literature to hunan arts major education in colleges and universities recruit students, such as direct reference on the basis of literacy class of examinee college entrance examination scores, students comprehensive quality evaluation of merit “solution”, points out that gradually improve the culture grade requirements, in accordance with requirements of the Ministry of Education, the selection and training of professional requirements, according to the different artThe score line of cultural admission control for art majors in parallel groups was determined by classification, and the score line of music majors, fine arts majors, calligraphy arts and calligraphy education was 75% of the lowest score line of ordinary undergraduate admission control.Dance and performance (drama, film and television performance, costume performance, traditional Opera performance) are 70% of the minimum admission score for ordinary undergraduate courses;Directing, broadcasting and hosting arts, photography and video classes for the general category of undergraduate minimum admission control score line.Colleges and universities approved by the Ministry of Education to organize school examinations may formulate special admission measures for a very small number of students who have excellent scores in provincial unified examinations and school examinations for art majors or who have outstanding talents and performances in related professional fields.The special admission procedure is strictly enforced. The list of the special admission candidates must be examined and approved by the leading group of university admission work, and approved by the Admission Committee of Colleges and universities of Hunan Province, and publicized on the university admission website.This Program will come into force on February 11, 2022 and be valid for 5 years. If there are new regulations of the Ministry of Education, the regulations of the Ministry of Education will be followed.