May there be love in your heart and warmth in your eyes

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Leaning on the linttype of the season, eyes jiongjiong, deep look, solar term has arrived the long-awaited start of spring season.The beginning of spring announces the thawing of the earth, the gradual melting of snow and ice, and the end of the cold winter.The beginning of Spring means the arrival of vigorous spring, when plants sprout and spring flowers bloom.Spring is warm, the heart opened, people in the humble home smile, have come out of the house huddle together laughing.Feel the smell of spring.The streets, which had been silent because of the cold winter, became lively again.The arrival of spring, so that people light body and mind, wrapped in the body, burdensome winter, cumbersome heavy clothes changed into light spring thin clothes.The spirit of the people took on a new look, vigorous posture, toward the wilderness of spring.The beginning of spring, Yang rises, the spring breeze warms, the earth awakens, everything germinates, stupid desire to be born.The withered grass, clinging to the ground, faded from the wilderness, drill a little green, full of vitality.Small yard, a tree in a flowerpot isolated in the cold winter jasmine is the most striking, provoking pity.Thin branches, bare, without half a leaf, I saw the branches of the chubby bud blush blush tender face, to open also cover, not afraid of cold, pregnant with spring happy face.Winter jasmine, to usher in the beauty of spring and strong spare no effort in full bloom.Yellow flowers, better than peonies, are the messengers of spring, spring is unique clear beauty.02 spring solar term with invisible force to pry dusty soil shell, wake up deep in the soil about the memory of spring, grass rebirth, withered trees in spring, willow buds.Pale yellow green is about to break through the earth.The seeds of spring spread over the fields, and the horns of spring rang through the valley.Spring has come lightly from not far away.Stand and stare, China, the spring tide surging, spring is in the air.Spring comes slowly with leisurely footsteps, with light posture will be green picture embedded in the motherland’s great rivers and mountains.Spring with infinite beauty, will bring people into the infinite natural picture of spring, spring warm Yang, spring tides surging, spring ripples, spring breeze stroke face, spring birou language.Charm me, infatuated with the heart of spring.Spring is a life throb and song of the earth, is the prologue of the growth and maturity of all things.It is a process and butterfly change of life from bleak and desolate to colorful flowers.Farming proverbs say: “The five nine open, six nine swallow, seven nine nine along the river to see the willows, nine plus nine, cattle walk everywhere.”At the beginning of spring, as the climate warms, the wide river surface and thick ice begin to collapse and melt, and spring tides surge.The spring water is bright, shining with warm soft light.Eaves, beam on the swallow flew back from the south, it is the messenger of spring, people like the light and small swallow.In the rural legend of such a story, swallows in whose nest will bring good luck, is a symbol of good luck.Willow is also the message of spring, light green buds spit filar silk youth, micro volume of willow leaves in the spring breeze blowing open body posture, will be fat leaves hanging branches.Thought of the tang Dynasty poet he Zhizhang’s “Xu Liu” : jasper makeup into a tree high, ten thousand green silk hanging sash.I do not know who cut the thin leaves, The spring breeze in February like scissors.After the beginning of spring, in the fields, the wheat shoots leap up green, crowded.The oxen moo, help farmers plow the hard earth, began to sow the hope of spring.03. When the boundless wasteland is covered with fresh green gradually in the spring tides, life is gradually set high with strong growth and vigor, and the strangers of the world are coruscated with colorful and dazzling spring mood.The beginning of spring, a beautiful words, freehand sunshine and warmth, outline the grass long warbler flying, flowers and willows green, ding Dong streams babbling, with a hundred birds singing.Spring, full of hope and vitality of the word.Let people yearn for and infinite reverie.It makes one’s heart swell and makes one’s body full of strength.The beginning of spring, set the aspirations of the heart, make the aspirations of the heart, the New Year, to set a clear goal for themselves, and toward this goal unremitting efforts.Thus step by step close to the ideal, to achieve the desired wishes.After the start of spring, the spring weather, with the tendency to spread the breath of spring, spring breeze is tender, gently blowing, spring rain, rustling underground.The spring buds were bulging and dawdling.The spring water was flowing.The spring sun shines brightly.Spring is a new beginning, a new journey.No matter how good or bad your last year was, turn the page.New Year new ideas, new plans, everything from scratch, whether it is study or career, should be cautious and conscientious, make achievements, live up to their own, live up to the youth.Take the New Year as an opportunity to forge ahead and reverse the situation of life.Once unsatisfactory life and emotion, should put put, should forget forget, one by one.Dispels the chill in the heart with the harmony and warmth of spring.Start of spring, play the movement of life, start of spring to the hope of tomorrow, start of spring, raise the sails of life.The beginning of spring, singing the melody of the future.Spring qiao branches green, spring breeze blowing willow smile.A year’s plan starts in spring. May you plan your life, sow hope, and live a full life.May there be love in your heart and warmth in your eyes.-END-