The city police launched the “ten thousand police into one million” security propaganda activities

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Electrical appliances work with “sickness”, indoor power supply lines are not protected by pipes, wires are pulled and connected in disorder, fire extinguishers are expired but not replaced in time…These “small negligence” in life and management often lead to “big disaster”.On January 28th, the city public security bureau to strong throughout the city to carry out the “thousands of police into the millions,” safety promotion activities, be conducted in the way of covering the whole city household visits, send prevention tips tips, will prevent fire accidents, prevent burglary, telecom network fraud prevention safety knowledge into homes, further improve the awareness and prevention ability of the general public,To ensure that the people of the city enjoy a safe and harmonious Spring Festival.On the morning of 28th, in shahekou Xi ‘an Road street district, the reporter followed xinggong Street police station community police Wang Chunyu into the community visit.In the area under the jurisdiction of a residential property staff living in a door room, property staff are burning a stove to warm themselves, the stove is placed on the kettle, there are insole and other flammable items around, lighter is also placed nearby.Wang chunyu and his colleagues immediately came to dissuade them. “Incomplete combustion of coal can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, and there are fire hazards in the room.” Wang chunyu patiently explained the precautions for indoor fire prevention and told them to adopt a safer and cleaner way of heating.I didn’t pay much attention to it before, thinking there were people in the house and nothing would go wrong. ‘The property staff said, “Now think about it, it is particularly dangerous.This time the police specially sent security tips, later posted on the door, check at any time and anywhere, the security is more than a guarantee.”Outside the door of a resident’s house on the third floor of the community, Wang Chunyu found cardboard boxes and other flammable items stacked in the corridor. He told the residents to deal with them as soon as possible while carrying out home safety propaganda and anti-electricity fraud propaganda, and the residents were also very cooperative and immediately cleaned up these flammable items.Was seated in the red flag street area, the red flag station Zhang Hongchang community police came to the jurisdiction of a home appliance stores, detailed introduction to the clerk “kill pig dish” common fraud such as identity fraud, brush single fraud means, hold the clerk to download “the national center for anti cheat APP,” the clerk says ms Chen, her friends had suffered before telecom fraud,Chen’s friend was swindled out of her money by the other party, who demanded triple compensation for the delivery problems.Although the money is not much, but also hard earned, is lack of knowledge, thank the police to give us the popularization of knowledge.”Ms. Chen said, when the “national anti-fraud center APP” with the identification of telecom fraud information and call early warning, SMS early warning and other functions, Ms. Chen said, not only to install their own, but also to help the elderly at home to install.This APP is so good that everyone downloads it, and more people will be cheated every year.”In a pharmacy chain in his district, Zhang hongchang checked the fire protection facilities of the pharmacy while promoting safety. “Two fire extinguishers are within the warranty period, but the grip of one is loose, which affects the use and needs to be replaced,” he said.Store manager Ms. Dong said, before these small problems are often ignored by their own, now after the police’s publicity, realize that these small problems at the critical moment will cause irreparable consequences, to immediately rectify, enhance prevention ability, can let everyone have a good year in peace.It is reported that the city public Security Bureau gave full play to the advantages of the community police holding the post of deputy secretary of the community, and organized the whole city’s police departments and local public security branches to support the police to carry out the full coverage of the household visits.In order to ensure that the key points are highlighted, the municipal police took the community as the responsible unit to draw up a “road map” for household publicity, and made a list of residential houses and “nine small places” to ensure that the police did not lose a single house.In the process of household publicity, the police in preaching home safety to keep in mind the “one, two, three, four” and family fire prevention “sanqingsanguan” fire safety knowledge on the basis of further advocate the general public to install the “National anti-fraud center APP”, pay attention to the official government number, the popularization of early warning and dissuasion consultation hotline “96110”.At the same time, the municipal police also targeted at the conditional communities, invited the district resident representatives into the community police room, through the analysis of the district public security situation, police forum and other ways to further listen to work opinions, improve the relevant work.It is understood that the “ten thousand police into one million” security propaganda activities, the city’s public security organs dispatched more than 20 thousand police.The relevant person in charge of the police said that in the future, the city’s public security organs at all levels will irregularly through various forms of publicity activities, to further enhance the city’s public awareness of fire prevention, theft prevention, fraud prevention and other prevention ability, and actively create a strong atmosphere of the police and the people to jointly protect the safety of Dalian.Peninsula Morning Post, 39 degrees video reporter Huang Fengtong pictures from interviewees