What will be the legacy of Beijing Paralympic Winter Games

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What legacy will the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Winter Games leave for the host city and our lives?On the afternoon of March 12, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee held a “Beijing Winter Paralympic Games Heritage theme briefing” to introduce the relevant situation.According to Liu Xinghua, director of the Heritage Management department of the Overall Planning Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG), the boCOG has formulated and implemented the Strategic Plan for the Legacy of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, which has produced rich legacy achievements.Besides drive host city barrier-free environment increase, in terms of promote the development of ice and snow sports popularity for the disabled, “the season of ice and snow sports for the disabled” to 300000 people a year, the country has eight characteristic schools, special education schools identified as ice seven special education schools become the winter Olympics and the winter paralympic games Olympic education model school.The number of national Winter Paralympic athletes has increased from less than 50 to more than 1,000, and the number of technical officials has grown from zero to hundreds.In promoting the construction of an inclusive society, the social environment for the integration of disability and health and equal sharing has been improved.With preparations for the Winter Paralympics as an opportunity, 666 demonstration homes for the Winter Olympics were set up in Beijing, and services such as rehabilitation, vocational training and legal rights protection were provided, benefiting 3.91 million people a year, and 90 fitness demonstration sites for the disabled were set up.Dou Wei, director of the Paralympics Department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, said that 300 million people in China go to the ice and snow, and disabled people also take an active part in it.In southern China, sports like ice and snow are also on the rise.The CDPF has also included snow and ice sports in the training courses of fitness instructors for the disabled, and held a national winter fitness instructor training camp for the disabled.In addition, the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games accessibility Guide and the guide technical indicators atlas will be used as a reference for formulating national and local accessibility standards.The working mechanism formed and the team of experts trained in the accessibility work will become an important institutional and talent heritage, such as the coordination mechanism of accessibility work, the expert group on accessibility and the team of experiencers for the disabled.”The Paralympic Winter Games are a short-term event, and the promotion of inclusive society is a long-term event. A successful Paralympic Winter Games is not the end, but the starting point of a new journey. We will continue to work to create a more open and integrated world for people with disabilities to enjoy a better life.””Liu xinghua said.