Whether a man really loves you can be seen in two reactions after a long separation

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Love is not only the meeting of fire and dry firewood, but also in the company of long time.But fireworks easy cold, personnel easy points, there will always be some people in love to walk on the loose.After a long separation, some people can meet each other again, there is a chance to embrace, it is also lucky.But time, after all, is the most ruthless, so long parting years, in front of this person is still the original love of that person, is the gap in front of each pair of people after separation.In fact, if you want to know if the man is still the one you were with, you just need to see if he still feels these urges after a long separation.The urge to know everything about you The pace of life in modern people is getting faster and faster, and people are becoming more and more impetuous.It’s hard enough to settle down and learn about someone’s past and story, which is just a diversion from our boring lives.But for the person who cares about you, every little bit of you is treasured and will want to know about you.If a man regrets that you were not a part of that time, then he will want to know everything about you that he doesn’t know, even if it’s just the details, even if it’s just the family details.He’s gonna want to take the pieces, put them together, and make you whole.The person who truly loves you wants to know about his absence, not to satisfy curiosity, not to pry into your privacy, not to find out what you did wrong in the past.He just love you, love you alone for so long, he understands all this, just to be able to love you better.If someone doesn’t love you that much, they won’t take the time to find out about your past and may ask you how you’ve been, but that’s just out of habit.When you do tell him about your life, he can quickly get impatient.But for a person who really loves you, it is different. He will be happy that you are willing to share things with him that he does not know. He will not be impatient, but will feel it is a kind of love and respect.For those who don’t love you, your ups and downs are someone else’s story. For those who love you, every bit of you is worth sharing.Two: do not want to lose you again and strive for the separation of the pain taste is enough.When the lovers can meet again after a long separation and have the opportunity to move on, the man who truly loves you will not want to be separated again.A responsible man, is the courage to remove all obstacles for your future.When you meet again, he will be grateful and introspective.People can not fall in the same place twice, before because of what reason separated, then he will not make the same mistake now.Many couples who break up and get back together don’t last long and break up again for the same reason.It’s not that they don’t have introspection, it’s that they don’t love enough to change themselves or make an effort for the other person.The problem still exists, but it is covered up because of missing.Brief sweetness can cover up a lot of things, also will beautify a lot of things.At the time of the reunion, in the joy of lost and recovered, once the contradictions are not so important, when the passion faded, contradictions and naked show, in return for only once again separated.If a man truly loves you, he won’t allow this to happen again.He will face up to past conflicts and work with you to deal with them.He understands that being an ostrich burying his head in the sand cannot solve any problems. Even if it does not erupt now, it is also an untimely bomb between you, which will destroy your seemingly happy life at any time.The person who truly loves you is not willing to put up with the risk of losing you again. He will try to give you a solid future, whether by changing himself or circumstances.The person who really loves you is not to see what he says, but to see if he has made efforts for your future.The movie is too kind, always can let missed people meet again, life is different, some people said goodbye and never see again.So the reunion after a long separation is a kind of luck, will let people surprise.But amid the surprise, save some sanity for yourself.Separation is the norm in life, so companionship is so precious.Not everyone can meet their true love, you do not have to be too demanding, life is difficult to complete, but not necessarily regret.I hope you will have the luck of a happy life and the courage to say goodbye again when you meet that person again.END