Leadership: The ability to stick to commitments

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Every leader is a person of commitment.Commitment this word, is composed of two words, the first word is called promise, the second word is called promise, so promise is to bear, bearing the meaning of promise, promise is the meaning of promise.Then the occurrence of commitment, the first step is to promise, the first step is to verbally promise to do something, the second step is through their own commitment, through their own pay, bearing you need to achieve such a result, this is a complete commitment process.So, in our lives, we find some people who make some promises and don’t keep them.Is your promise, you only made a word, in the part of the promise did not follow through.Therefore, a complete commitment process must be made first, then promise and then keep.Then someone says, wow, if I promised something and I said it and I didn’t do it, then I’m going to feel a lot of pressure and I’m going to feel bad about myself, so I’m not going to make the promise.If you become a commitment-shy person, you go to the extreme of not being able to commit to yourself.He is afraid that he can’t do it, so he is very cowardly and lacks energy in his heart. He is afraid that his promise will be despised by others because he can’t fulfill it, so he dare not make a promise.This kind of person does not allow others to have the opportunity to evaluate him, which is a kind of behavior to evade responsibility.And this kind of behavior can only show that the person has no confidence in himself, he looks down on his own energy.Therefore, anyone who is afraid to make a commitment can not have true complete leadership.So that’s a very important part of leadership.The core of leadership is called commitment, and we must make ourselves as people who dare to promise and do what we say, so that we can have leadership.Dare to promise, in fact, is a responsibility, a bear, he is representing you are willing to in public, make such a declaration, tell a lot of people, you are all determined to go to do what a result, when would you like to in front of the public to make such a declaration, to make such a commitment, on behalf of you in that moment, you decide you must be 100% do,So, through the practice of commitment, the process of commitment is that you keep saying yes and keep doing it.When you consistently honor every promise, you will create a personal brand called integrity, and countless people will appreciate you for your high quality commitment to do it all the time.Everyone likes to follow a leader who does what he says he will do. Everyone likes to follow a leader who dares to challenge goals, dares to make promises and is sure to fulfill them.Then this quality, in a leader’s appearance is called leadership, called a leader’s courage, ambition and domineering.So if you want to be a good leader, you need to start by practicing your commitment. What commitment are you going to make to your team starting today?Would you like to make a commitment to help your team and everyone on your team challenge and succeed in life for the next three months?You can be a leader for as many people as you are willing to make a commitment to help them achieve results.So the core foundation of a leader’s leadership is your ability to make promises and keep them.