Xigu Fire protection launched fire safety “knock on the door guard” action for the elderly living alone

2022-05-29 0 By

New Gansu Client Lanzhou (New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Gu Lijuan) Spring Festival is approaching, when the use of fire, electricity, oil, gas peak, in recent days, Xigu district fire rescue brigade for the area of the elderly living alone to carry out “knock on the door guard” action, to ensure the life and property safety of the elderly living alone.Xigu Fire joint with each street organization personnel to conduct comprehensive and meticulous “dragnet” investigation on the elderly living alone in the area, take the initiative to visit the elderly living alone in their homes, and comprehensively establish fire safety files for the elderly living alone.Fire volunteers and grid member regularly to old people who live alone at home, help them to screen the kitchen and bedroom electricity with fire hidden danger, to clean up the balcony and corridor of combustible flammable items, and the fire to keep warm in winter, the kitchen with fire electricity, fire hazards in common, such as smoking in bed, emphasis on conducting on-site fire training, guide the old man using a fire extinguisher, rightComprehensively improve the elderly’s fire safety awareness and self – defense and self – rescue ability.In view of the old village, the “all-in-one” place, medical and pension institutions such as the old man more high-risk areas, west solid joint departments should conduct fire control safety “special zone spreading +” action, the inspection found that the lack of escape passage, illegal occupy fire escape, fire control facilities are equipped with such situation requires rectification within a time limit, make sure to reduce fire hazards in the source.Xigu fire department went to the homes of elderly people living alone to carry out fire safety publicity.(Image courtesy of Xigu District Fire and Rescue Brigade.)Reporter Gu Lijuan responsible editor: Yang Chenyu