A man in Fujian province picked up a cigarette on the table and lit it

2022-05-30 0 By

Recently, in zhangzhou, fujian province, a small store to friends smoke video let netizen in distress situation, video display, guy friends to store tea chat, just to see a packet of cigarettes on the desk, when I was boy picking up the smoke it points up, found that smoking is a little wrong, see rose in the smoke, then a loud firecrackers ring, and the boy had gone to the distance,Just for the friend’s prank behavior is also quite helpless.According to the boy’s friend, at that time was put a small firecrackers in the smoke, and then he came to smoke up, but saw bursts of white smoke he also felt wrong, immediately left the smoke ran away, in fact, just want to play a prank, there is no too bad mind.Netizens are abuzz about it:”This joke is a little too much, if really Fried things are pretty serious, next time don’t fiddle these other things” “how loss, but also directly in the frontier fortress the firecrackers, fortunately, there is no direct, otherwise not angry no big New Year’s day, this is really can have dangerous” “also we cheat others before, but just put a match,Not set off firecrackers and feeling to cheat and to ensure the security, or it is really too dangerous “in my opinion, industries are tricky measure, there was an obvious point, this approach if firecrackers blow up really, can for man’s injury is relatively large, moreover, as a friend is a bit too much,The risk of being injured by an explosion when you smoke a cigarette on New Year’s day is really quite excessive.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.