Folklore six: Why is New Year’s Eve called “New Year’s Eve” (a)

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Relatives of children to pay New Year’s visit, because of impatient entertainment, so, coax the child.”Grandpa, an grandpa said yesterday called ‘New Year’s Eve’, why called ‘New Year’s Eve’ ah?”Honestly, the most scary thing is the curious baby, because, you know, you can’t answer their questions.”What grade are you in?”I am ‘big five’ students” “much stronger than me, I haven’t been on the full-time ‘big five’, quite good” “uncle, don’t listen to his’ blind ‘is the meaning of the big class five” his mother hurriedly dozen round field, hey hey, fortunately he is not big class twelve, otherwise, I don’t know how to call.”Well, I am a college student now. Do you know what” Dan “is?””Know, be ‘get rid of’ meaning” “right, ‘New Year’s Eve’, be to get rid of ‘xi’!””But, what is’ xi ‘ah?””Didn’t your grandmother tell you stories that scared you?What are you most afraid of?””Too many. The worst thing is the beasts that kill children.” “What are beasts, you know?””Not the neighbor’s big Tibetan mastiff?Too scary “” yes, ‘Xi’ ah, much worse than that big dog, a winter, they can not find food in the wild, will break into the community, the good things to rob people, but also to bite people, the things at home are destroyed.Ll: Well, when it gets dark, grandma won’t let you out.You say, ‘Xi’ is not bad?””Why not call a policeman?””Police uncle also can’t beat it, besides, at that time, there is no police uncle ah” “That how to do?””There are more ways than difficulties!Later, ah, people pray god, hope god can send the gods down to remove the ‘Xi’ this thing “” how to pray ah, god can tube?””Just like your grandfather and father burning incense and kowtowing during the Spring Festival, it’s praying!God still loves his people, so he sent nian down. “” Is nian powerful?””Nian is very strong!There are two kinds of weapons, red ribbon and firecrackers, red ribbon, just like the uniform of the police uncle, the bad guys are afraid to see;Firecrackers, can emit light and sound, just like the police uncle’s gun “” Year beat xi?””Yes ah, through like the police uncle catch a thief, ‘xi’ was driven away” “the police uncle can’t always be here ah, in case the police uncle walked, ‘Xi’ to do?””So, people imitate ‘Nian’, hang red ribbons on the door, and set off firecrackers in the evening, ‘Xi’ a look, Shouting?’Year’ still in ah, so dare not come “” good, ‘xi’ dare not come, I can also go out to play” “so ah, people in order to commemorate the ‘Xi’ away on this day, called this day ‘New Year’s Eve’, know?””I know, by the way, grandpa, why is it called ‘New Year’s Eve’?””Because it falls on the 30th day of the 12th month in the lunar calendar, the year also comes on this day, so people also call it the 30th day of the Lunar New Year.”