Peiren Historical and cultural Street was selected as one of the first state-level tourist and leisure blocks

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On January 9, 2022, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People’s Republic of China announced the list of “The first Batch of State-level Tourism and Leisure Blocks”, and Peren Historical And Cultural Street under Tangshan Culture and Tourism Group was listed.The first batch of state-level tourist leisure blocks released this time, a total of 55, including Beijing Qianmen Street, Tianjin Yangliuqing Ancient Town, Nanjing Confucius Temple, Hangzhou Qinghefang, Chongqing Ciqikou, Chengdu Kuanxiaxiangzi and other well-known tourist blocks.

The identification of state-level tourism and leisure blocks is carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Development and Reform Commission, aiming at creating a group of state-level tourism and leisure blocks with distinctive cultural characteristics.The identified objects should be urban blocks with distinct cultural themes and regional characteristics, with tourism and leisure, cultural experience and tourism public service functions, integrating tourism, catering, entertainment, shopping, accommodation and leisure and meeting the needs of tourists and local residents for sightseeing and leisure.

Century-old Peiren Li is a new landmark of the city.Mr Ren history cultural industry in tangshan city of history and culture with the core position, is the tangshan text brigade group to promote the urban historical context inheritance, activate the urban consumer economy as the goal, the construction of new building style of the ancients, cultural nostalgia, the fashion elements of the formats for the integration of urban historical and cultural blocks of life, under the tangshan text brigade group wholly owned subsidiary culture communication company operating management,Together with China (Tangshan) Industrial Museum, Hans Kundere Former Residence Museum, Peiren Educational Memory Museum and Jinda Memory Museum, it forms “four museums and one street” to jointly present the historical context of Tangshan industrial city.

The project is based on the existing century-old cultural heritage buildings peiren Girls’ Middle School and Jinda’s former residence. While full of historical and cultural marks, the project focuses on meeting the leisure and social consumption needs of citizens and tourists, and integrates cultural creativity, leisure and entertainment, restaurants, hotels, fashion shopping and other high-quality business forms, becoming a veritable new landmark of Tangshan.Since its completion, the project has received about 500,000 tourists and won many awards.In February 2021, it was successfully selected into the “Ten Cultural Industry projects” of Hebei Province in 2020. In November 2021, it was successfully selected into the list of “Provincial Tourism and Leisure Blocks”. In 2022, it was one of the key projects of the seventh Hebei Tourism Industry Development Conference.

Since the opening of the street on June 26, 2021, the project has not only organized regular street performance and light night performance activities every week, but also held regular interactive activities including catering and entertainment activities every month, as well as several featured cultural activities on traditional festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and Spring Festival.Make every effort to build the block into a city historical and cultural life block that can not only reflect local cultural characteristics, but also meet the needs of leisure, sightseeing, entertainment and shopping.

Open street first day, antique buildings, cheongsam, students in the Republic of China, rickshaws……These elements, which can only be seen on television, are scattered throughout the neighborhood, making visitors feel like they are in the early 20th century.Live children’s sketching activities, preferential activities of various formats in the block, and super stylish city study make the whole block full of “fireworks” and refreshing “book fragrance”.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, online interactive games were carried out through wechat mini programs to attract early exposure. The number of participants reached 24,000 in three days after the mini game was launched.In addition to online activities, nearly 100 five-star red flags were hung on the street lamps offline. The national flags were arranged neatly and uniformly, adding a thick festive atmosphere to the street and becoming a new clocking point of the street.At the same time, chang ‘e Song and dance performance, Audi Q2L, Mercedes C-class new models exhibition and launch, the first motor-motorcycle culture Festival in Peiren Historical Culture Street, and organized merchants to launch the Mid-Autumn Festival limited, classic characteristic food “buy one yuan” and other preferential activities.The delicious online celebrity food and the fresh trend within reach have attracted many tourists to enjoy the moon and the scenery and reunion together.

Project characteristic education forms BoRen education on weekends, Mid-Autumn festival and National Day holidays, fitness entertainment, a weekend expand camp, “hui reading, with growth” series of activities, children’s picture books reading BoRen education for the society to provide more feelings temperature, more and more quality education idea, enriched the culture kernel culture connotation, historical and cultural blocks education extends the brigade forms extension.

In order to further demonstrate the cultural tourism attributes of the project, luo Huiqin, a first-class actress and representative inheritor of the National Intangible Heritage Pingju Project, was invited to show and communicate with the main line of “Integrating intangible heritage into life”.National and provincial intangible cultural inheriters, such as tangshan Shadow Play, Leting Dagu, Tangshan Pingju, Sugar Figure, paper-cut and lion dance, will be invited to perform live. The audience will experience the charm of handmade works, get close contact with intangible cultural heritage, perceive intangible cultural heritage, and have a deep understanding of intangible cultural heritage.
At the end and beginning of the New Year, Peiren Historical and Cultural Street held a series of New Year’s Eve activities entitled “A New Landmark of Peiren Culture Tour for a hundred Years” to accompany citizens to welcome the New Year happily.The sixth Ice and Snow Festival and Peiren Historical And Cultural Street ice and snow Experience activity brought land curling, table ice hockey, ice skating, skiing and other ice and snow sports to the people, promoting the deep integration of culture, sports and tourism.”Stamp collection · Good gift” punching activity let tourists harvest the first happiness of the New Year;When night falls, the upgraded lighting will decorate the street with brilliant colors, allowing visitors to recall the past and look forward to the future in the dreamlike night scene.
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