Guangming District education Development “14th Five-year Plan” officially issued the district will add 11,400 high school degrees

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A number of first-class universities have settled in Guangming Science City. Shenzhen Campus of Sun Yat-sen University and Shenzhen University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have opened.A high-quality new school was put into operation, and tens of thousands of families’ children successfully went to good schools on their doorstep.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the Committee and government of Guangming District have always adhered to the strategy of giving priority to education, accelerated the building of high-quality education commensurate with the world-class science city, and pushed forward guangming education from “learning with education” to “learning with education”, making unprecedented achievements in the development of education.Anchor the new beacon and forge ahead on a new journey.Recently, as a major administrative decision of Guangming District, the “14th Five-year Plan” for The Development of Education in Guangming District (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) was officially issued, printed and implemented after expert demonstration, hearing, risk assessment and other procedures.The reporter noted that “Planning” a total of 5 chapters 23 sections, the full text of more than 17,000 words, a comprehensive summary of the “13th Five-Year” bright education achievements, clear “14th five-year” period of bright education development indicators and tasks, full of effective, put forward a new goal — to build guangming District into the north of Shenzhen education heights!Blueprint inspiring, bright education to sail!Summary of the “13th five-year” achievements of educational development unprecedented, filled a number of gaps “good atmosphere campus, good advanced equipment, everywhere is a surprise!”On August 24, 2020, Wu Bohong, an undergraduate student of the School of Electronics and Communication Engineering, who was the first to enter shenzhen Campus, said excitedly.On that day, the Shenzhen campus of Sun Yat-sen University was officially opened. A total of 2,346 sophomores and seniors moved from Guangzhou University Town to shenzhen campus.By borrowing of the construction of the academic city dongfeng light, the light area, a high starting point, high standard on higher education, scientific research institutes, key laboratory of grand chapter leap-forward development, shenzhen polytechnic university, Chinese Academy of Sciences (raise) start the construction of shenzhen bay lab, artificial intelligence and the digital economy of laboratories (shenzhen) have signed a contract be born in guangdong province.Not only are first-class universities on our doorstep, but public degrees in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are also making rapid progress.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, a total of 20 schools were renovated or expanded in Guangming District, 35,460 public primary and secondary school degrees were added, 48 public kindergartens were built, and 79.9% of compulsory education degrees were from non-permanent household registration.By the end of 2020, there were 128 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Guangming District, 38 more than in 2015.114,000 students are enrolled, 25,000 more than in 2015;The number of full-time teachers was 7,668, 2,372 more than in 2015.According to reports, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, especially since the establishment of Guangming Administrative Region, Guangming Education has made full efforts in leading party construction, degree construction, cooperative school running, teacher training, quality improvement and other aspects. The main goal of education development has been fully realized, and unprecedented achievements in education development have filled a number of gaps.To make positive contributions to the construction of a world-class science city and the north Center of Shenzhen.On the basis of increasingly satisfying the school-age children in the district, Guangming District has established a number of high-quality compulsory education schools in cooperation with famous universities such as Huazhong Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University and Shenzhen Experimental School. The undergraduate enrollment rate of public high schools in the district has increased from less than 40% during the 12th Five-Year Plan period to 84.36% in 2020.29 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens were rated as national and provincial characteristic schools and kindergartens.More and more bright children can enjoy high-quality educational resources at their doorstep.These achievements are inseparable from the high-level planning and layout of the Guangming District Government.Guangming District has always placed education in a strategic position of priority development, taking it as an important support to enhance comprehensive strength and competitiveness.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the district invested 12.098 billion yuan in fiscal education.In terms of teacher construction, it has issued “Measures for Talent Introduction and Support in Basic Education of Guangming District” and other documents, introduced and recruited a number of famous principals, backbone teachers and outstanding graduates at home and abroad, and has made breakthroughs in national Outstanding teachers, “Teacher of the Year” in Shenzhen city and “Most Beautiful Teacher” in Guangdong Province since the establishment of the district.Education is the core function of a city, as well as the core index of urban competitiveness and social influence.During the “14th Five-year Plan” period, Guangming Education will further deepen the concept of “science, ecology and happiness”, follow the law of education, promote education reform, improve the quality of education, and create a benchmark for people’s happiness, so as to make contributions to shenzhen taking the lead in building a first-class modern education city and a pioneering demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics.It provides strong educational support for guangming District to build world-class science city and north Center of Shenzhen.”Planning” is put forward, by 2025, the light area to build up the basic quality modern education service system, to build a batch of high quality and distinctive universities, cultivate a batch of thinking, ability masters, build a batch of influential, carry weight in the name of the class, cultivate a batch of excellent students have ideal, literacy, education brand advantage of light basic forming,Guangming District has become the educational highland in the north of Shenzhen.Specifically, the education public service level ranks the top of the city, the education ecology is more harmonious, the education pattern is more open, the basic conditions are more optimized, the education brand is better, the teaching staff is better, the curriculum teaching is future-oriented, the quality of student training is better and so on.In order to refine the development goals, the Plan also puts forward 23 main indicators for the development of education in Guangming District.The number of public regular senior high schools increased by 11,400. The number of famous teachers’ studios increased to 100. There were 16 basic education groups, 12 demonstration community schools with special features, and 13 science and technology innovation education practice bases.In the implementation of action to hit the three critical battles, tamping high-quality education foundation blueprint has been drawn, focus on implementation.In order to ensure the high-quality completion of education development goals and major indicators, the Plan clearly states that “three tough battles”, including “public high-quality degree supply”, “private education standardization and quality improvement” and “school system and mechanism reform”, should be fought to solve the key problems restricting the high-quality development of Guangming Education and comprehensively consolidate the foundation of high-quality education.In terms of the supply of high-quality public degrees, 23 kindergartens will be built by 2025, and 8,280 new kindergarten degrees will be added.24 public compulsory education schools were renovated or expanded, and 39,600 public compulsory education degrees were added.Five new senior high schools and 11,400 new senior high school degrees were added.Building a comprehensive high school and so on.In terms of standardizing and improving the quality of private education, we will promote the high-quality development of 2-3 private schools and support 1-2 schools with high quality characteristics.Support the establishment of 1-2 high quality private schools with international education characteristics.In the reform of school running system and mechanism, improve the system and mechanism of giving play to the leading role of party organizations in primary and secondary schools;At least 6 primary and secondary education groups, 10 preschool education groups, and 6 preschool education school district alliances have been set up to achieve full coverage of district-oriented and group-oriented schools.Education at the same time, the light will be the implementation of the “education quality, and the ten action”, the party construction demonstration leading action, action, the brand construction of school moral education business card making action, first-class teaching staff, education teaching reform action, of course system construction, the supervision of the education to deepen action, intelligence education catch up, comprehensive quality improve action and lifelong education popularization.Among them, adhere to the moral education, build 10 city and district level moral education demonstration schools;To ensure that the new schools are born with the development gene of high quality and high appearance level, and to build 10 influential and well-known schools in the city;The construction of 100 master studios, training about 480 teachers, about 500 backbone teachers and about 1000 new teachers;Build a high-quality “ten thousand courses” system in Guangming District;To cultivate 10 “quality education highland schools” and so on.One hundred feet ahead.Guangming Education will continue to catch up and run towards the new goal of building Guangming District into the education highland in the north of Shenzhen, and make great strides in the journey of building high-quality education commensurate with the world-class science city.(Guangming News Reporter Huang Guohuan, Correspondent Feng Yucheng, Lu Jue rubidium/Reporter Lu Zhenghui, Guan Qiang/photo)