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Introduction 1. Tangshan Nanhu Hospital is recruiting 168 staff members from society.2. Hebei Bank Tangshan Branch is recruiting 14 employees.Tangshan Nanhu Hospital is located in The Nanhu Ecological Zone, which is known as the “lung of tangshan city”. It is a large modernized three-level general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation.Deep cooperation and integrated development with North China University of Science and Technology Affiliated Hospital Medical Group and Tangshan Workers Hospital Medical Group.The total construction area of the hospital is more than 140,000 square meters, with 1683 beds, 44 clinical departments and 12 medical technology departments.The hospital focuses on building elite teams in the fields of gastroenterology, oncology, cardiology, rehabilitation medicine, neurosurgery, acute and critical care, orthopedics and so on.Due to the comprehensive development of diagnosis and treatment, 168 workers are specially recruited from the society. The details are as follows:(1) Applicants with senior (vice senior, full senior) title or doctoral degree should be under the age of 45 and have at least 10 years of relevant working experience in grade II, GRADE A or above hospitals.(2) Applicants with a master’s degree should be under the age of 40 and have at least 10 years of relevant working experience in a second-class A hospital or above;(3) Applicants with a bachelor’s degree or above should be under the age of 35 and have at least five years of relevant working experience in grade II A or above hospitals.(4) Applicants with a bachelor’s degree or above who hold the primary job shall be clinical major of Western medicine and have obtained the certificate of standardized training for resident physicians under the age of 35.(I) For those with senior titles or doctoral degrees introduced by the hospital, the remuneration is generous, which is higher than the salary standard of the same industry in the same region and provides a broad platform for discipline development.The salary shall be determined after the interview and comprehensive evaluation of qualifications such as academic degree, professional title, working experience and so on, and the position of academic leader shall be given.(II) In addition to the agreed salary, postgraduates will be given living allowance or house purchase subsidy according to the new talent introduction policy of Tangshan city, and the specific policy shall be subject to the explanation of human Resources Department of Tangshan Nanhu Hospital;(III) The salary and welfare treatment of personnel with junior and intermediate professional titles shall be implemented in accordance with the salary policy of each post of the hospital.(1) Email: email account (tsnhyyrlzyb@163.com), send your resume to the email, the email subject should be “name + position + educational background + current title”, after the qualification examination will be notified by phone or email, please pay attention to;Address: No. 11 Jianshe South Road, Lu Nan District, Tangshan city, 200 meters south of Dazhao Park.Bank of Hebei Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Bank of Hebei”) is the only provincial legal person banking institution in Hebei province. Currently, it has set up offices in 11 cities, Tianjin and Qingdao of Hebei Province, with 249 business outlets.By the end of 2021, the total assets of Hebei Bank reached 415.5 billion yuan, ranking first among urban commercial banks in the province.Tangshan Branch of Hebei Bank was established on June 26, 2009. It is the first bank of Hebei bank to realize trans-regional development. Currently, it has 15 branches and has basically realized the full coverage of regional branches in Tangshan.The branch has always been adhering to the brand service concept of “friend finance”, closely centering on the market positioning of “serving local economy, serving small and medium-sized enterprises, serving urban and rural residents”, making every effort to build a local bank, focusing on supporting the development of county economy.The position of branch Vice President (2 positions) should be under the age of 40, with a bachelor’s degree or above, with relevant management experience, qualified for the post as required by regulations, rich business resources, and good business performance in the relevant post or industry.The position of branch Office director (1) shall be under the age of 35, bachelor degree or above, with relevant working ability and comprehensive quality, strong compliance awareness, outstanding communication and coordination skills, and able to bring certain business or resources to our bank.Sub-branch financial consultants (5) shall be under the age of 35, with a bachelor’s degree or above, with relevant working ability and comprehensive quality, good image and temperament, strong sense of service, outstanding marketing ability, and able to bring certain business or resources to our bank.Sub-branch customer manager (5) position requirements: under the age of 35, college degree or above, with relevant working ability and comprehensive quality, rich resources, outstanding marketing ability, can bring some business or project resources to our bank.The office director of the sub-branch (1) shall be under the age of 35, with full-time college degree or above, professional ability of the relevant position, certain social resources, and strong communication and coordination skills.(1) Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system, support the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, and have good political quality and moral conduct;(2) Abide by laws and regulations, be honest and trustworthy, and have no record of illegal crimes and bad behaviors;(III) Be dedicated to work, have a strong sense of enterprise and responsibility, and identify with the corporate culture of our bank;(4) having the physical and psychological conditions to perform their duties normally;(5) Possessing the specialized knowledge and skills required by the post;(vi) Comply with relevant regulations of the bank on duty withdrawal and post management.Applicants can fill in the job application form of The Bank of Hebei from the date of application, and send the application form to hbyhtsfh@126.com with the name of the position filled by the applicant. The deadline for receiving the resume is February 28, 2022.(2) Resume screening and Qualification Examination The bank will conduct qualification examination on the candidates according to the recruitment conditions, and select the best candidates according to the job demand and registration status.Recruitment process: written examination, interview, physical examination and entry.Six, matters needing attention 1.The bank will keep the information of all applicants confidential.2.The information filled in by the applicant shall be true, complete and valid. If the information filled in is found to be untrue or important information is concealed after being employed, boc has the right to cancel the recruitment qualification and the employment agreement, and the applicant shall bear all the consequences caused thereby.3.During the recruitment period, we will contact candidates by phone, SMS or email. Please keep the communication unimpeded.4.The recruitment of the bank does not charge any fees, please increase vigilance, beware of fraud.5.Hebei Bank Tangshan Branch reserves the right of final interpretation for this recruitment.Recruitment hotline: 0315-2350057/18833339806 Contact: Ms. Tian Address: Financial Center, Block D, No. 611 Xiangyun Road, Lubei District, Tangshan