Zhu Ting released the good news of wrist surgery in the early morning: focus on recovery and feel progress

2022-06-03 0 By

In the early morning of April 6, Zhu posted a set of photos of her post-operative recovery on social media, writing: “Operation – plasterboard – big protector – small protector…Focus on healing and feel progress.”It has been more than two months since zhu’s last post, and many netizens left messages under her blog, wishing her a speedy recovery and a speedy return to the team.In fact, zhu ting’s wrist injury had an obvious impact as early as the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.On July 27, 2021, after the Chinese women’s Volleyball team lost 3-0 to the United States in the second group match of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Zhu Ting said in an interview: “The wrist has a big impact. Some balls hurt so much that they can’t work at all.I took some medicine yesterday and adjusted it. I feel much better.”According to An Jiajie, coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Zhu ting suffered a wrist injury when she accidentally clued on the ground during the 2017 Turkish Super League.The injury was not operated on in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.Lang Ping, former head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, told reporters, “WE wanted to prepare for the Olympics, but suddenly it was too late to have an operation, so we treated it conservative.”Born in 1994, Zhu Ting, known as the world’s no. 1 volleyball player, was a key player for the Chinese women’s volleyball team during the Rio and Tokyo Olympics.She led the team to the 2015 World Cup, 2016 Olympic Games and 2019 World Cup titles, and has been named the most Valuable Player of the tournament several times.At present, Zhu Ting has entered the stage of recovery, looking forward to her rebirth.(Comprehensive sina Weibo, Xinhua News Agency, thepaper.cn, etc.)