List of English Foundation Course application materials

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The following materials must be submitted to apply for the UK Postgraduate Foundation Programme:1) Application form for College Preparatory Courses 2) Transcripts of two or three years of regular senior high school (In English and Chinese, with official seal of the School)(English translation must be given)5) a letter of recommendation from a teacher 6) a personal statement 4 types of international students suitable for pre-master program 1) Students lacking in language skills.Be in the light of the student that is about to study abroad to read a master’s degree in France, in the anxious course that lasts for a year learns, do not have a lot of time in addition remedial English, if English level is relatively deficient, will bring about to study groom obstacle.Pre-master’s courses can greatly improve English proficiency, and are more conducive to in-depth understanding and training of British education and local culture and arts.2. Students who want to be admitted to elite universities with average or low average score in their undergraduate environment.Some British universities only recruit graduates from China’s “211” or “985” universities, or require an average score of at least 80 points.However, there are no rigid environmental requirements for pre-master’s programs.If apply for the master prep that arrives French famous school, after graduation “must first outside an inside” go applying to read your school master, can promote the chance that reads famous school on certain level.3. Students who apply for cross-examination.Many students want to enter the postgraduate program, but a major defect is not in line with the relevant professional conditions and basic.There are some master preparatory courses can show the relevant professional learning and training, to help students fill in the future of technical professional learning and training is not enough, do a good job in preparation.4. College students are admitted to graduate schools.To study in a Master’s degree in a British university, students must have a bachelor’s degree and a bachelor’s degree certificate.As a result, junior college students are usually unable to apply immediately for master’s courses in British universities. They must be enrolled in one year pre-master’s course before they can apply for qualification.Junior college students lack the relative ability of language expression and academic research work, and it is difficult to quickly enter the real postgraduate courses.According to the university preparatory courses as the middle docking, can fill the language expression and academic research differences.To learn more