“Miss Zhou Zi is dying and wants to see you for the last time.” “Leave her alone, she must be pretending.”

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# # giants sm to recommend today is giants abused wife: “miss string critically ill, want to see you last side” “leave her alone, must be” the marriage situation emergency: slag always online after my novel introduction: Josephine string signed the divorce agreement the moment will understand, early Xiao Yi may never know, she had to get him, how much cost.Oh, no!Miss Xianzi is dying!She said she wanted to see you one last time!He sneered: Hum!Leave her alone! She’s faking it!Ye, not she…..Call me when she’s dead….Great content: “What’s the problem, Sir?””It’s not a big deal, it’s just that the school’s been open for a while and the places are full, and if you’re going to come back now, you’ll have to come in as a transfer student, and…””Please tell me, Sir. I’ll accept whatever it takes to get me in.”Zhao Luxian said.”And the monthly exam is coming soon. It has been a long time this semester, and you have fallen behind in all your previous courses. You have to work hard.The person in charge faint say, “you consider yourself clear, if you promise, I can do admission for you now.””Good.”The voice of the person in charge just fell, Zhao Luxian promised to come down, “teacher, trouble you to help me do formalities.”Hearing the speech, the teacher was surprised.Such a harsh condition, if you are not very confident about yourself, it is impossible to agree.He nodded and helped Zhao Luxian finish the formalities. Then he said, “The formalities have been done, but I have to remind you that there is still one month left for the monthly examination. You must hurry up.””Don’t worry, I’ll try.”Zhao Luxian nodded and agreed, “Teacher, could you please give me a class schedule?”Got the curriculum, Zhao Luxian chong responsible for humanitarian thanks, look at the time, hurried to the platinum club.When Shen Qiang was there today, Zhao Luxian said hello and asked again, “Brother Qiang, I don’t know…Have you heard from Shaw?””Not yet.”Shen Qiang shook his head slightly, “You rest assured, since I promised you, I will certainly help you find the person, but…””Tell me straight, Qiang.””I looked into it. You just came out?”Shen Qiang raised his eyebrows and asked Zhao Luxian in front of him, “Attempted murder. You didn’t mention it to me.””Our Love is Just Right” novel introduction: Yao Xi once loved a person, in order to save his body poison, willing to destroy their own face.Forced to leave, only to hear he was married.Yao Xi realized that he did not need her either!It was only later that he saw the truth…Exciting content: Yao Xi eat bear heart leopard courage?Probably didn’t think he’d survive!In the bleak hospital, Yao Xi lay on the bed and felt her flat abdomen. Her eyes suddenly became sour.”This is the medicine on time, just miscarried, need a good rest, where is your family?Is there someone to take care of you?”The nurse asked beside her, shaking her head, her pale face bloodless.”Where’s the father?”Yao Xi leng leng, tears down the temples slide.The nurse couldn’t bear to see it, but it was not unusual. This kind of unmarried pregnant abandoned by men happened every day in the hospital.She fixed yao Xi’s needle and was about to leave when she saw a man in a suit and tie standing at the door.”Little girl, your boyfriend is here.”The nurse kindly reminds, Yao Xi line of sight goes toward the door to glance, suddenly pupil shrinks suddenly.Two months do not see, Du Mellow wind is still high-spirited, corners and corners deep, a pair of amber fengyan is firmly locked her.Yao Xi felt nervous and suddenly pulled up the quilt to cover her face.She can’t be seen!The last thing you should see is duol wind!”How good did I think you were without me, your face rotten?Got dumped?”Du Chufeng cold hums ask, Yao Xi originally delicate face, at the moment a full face of red pimple, look very scary.Yao Xi buried her head in silence.The footsteps approached slowly, like a knock in her heart, and she felt him by the bed. Yao Xi’s hand holding the quilt trembled unconsciously.”What power!Yao Xi, only two months, have already found a lover?”Du Mellow wind instantaneous not instantaneous of looking at her, the quilt only showed the head of thick hair.If she hadn’t registered to the hospital with her ID card, he couldn’t have found her so easily!”Alcohol wind, what did you say?”Yao Xi could not help pulling down the quilt, revealing a pair of clear eyes, “He…He was our boy, I didn’t save him…””Oh?””Lovely baby times two: mysterious Daddy to embrace” novel introduction: pregnant seven months, she was the predecessor and White moonlight out of the house, just know everything is a conspiracy.Five years later, she returned to China with her daughter, only to be pestered by her former brother-in-law.I was surprised to find that my brother-in-law’s son had the same birthday as my daughter.Then the hedge was shocked!Great content: “Seven, seven, open the door.”Nangong fei shouted.Hear is the voice of Nangong Philippe, Gu Qiqi quickly opened the door.Wait to see the south palace philippe that station outside the door, the little wench is strong all the time of outfit firm immediately fall apart, holding his leg way: “South palace father, you finally came.”Looking at Gu Qiqi was frightened of appearance, Nangong Philippe heart a pain, quickly stretched out his hand to hold her in his arms to comfort way: “baby is not afraid, dad will take you to find mommy good?””Uh-huh.”Gu Qiqi lies in his arms, and his arms around his neck are much harder than usual.Nangong philippe is aware, keep patting her back light coax way: “baby is not afraid, have no matter.””Nangong father don’t worry, Qi Qi is not afraid.”Gu Qiqi childish voice childlike way.Listen to her childish voice, nangong Fei distressed to sigh, after turning around to close the door, just took her downstairs to look for care.In the Nangong Philippe with Gu Qiqi on the way, Bo Jinxiu also received li Liang’s information.Looking at the words he had sent, Bo Jinxiu was a little slow and turned them over several times before finally making sure she had understood them correctly.The in the mind is worried about gu Xiaoluo, but also worried about Gu Qiqi, Bo Jinxiu can not care too much, hurriedly asked the housekeeper after a few words left home.On the way, he called Li Liang to ask some of the situation, when that gu Xiaoluo no matter, just relieved.Gu Luo and Gu Zhimao was not Li Liang their main goal tonight, but two people are bad luck hit it.Originally according to the procedure, after the normal inquiry, at most tomorrow, Li Liang will put care of fences and gu Zhimao back.But if someone is guaranteed, nature can also leave in advance, so Li Liang will allow gu Xiaoluo to play that phone, also will send information to Bo Jinxiu.The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.