What you think of as a “fire”, or a cancer “warning”!Five symptoms. Don’t take it lightly

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Since last autumn, CAI Shu (pseudonym), 62, who lives in Jilin Province, has been finding dark red blood streaks on his tissues when he blows his nose in the morning.Originally thought is autumn high gas dryness, CAI Shu did not care about.However, the symptoms lasted for more than half a year, and the blood in the nose is more and more, CAI Shu came to the local hospital for treatment, after examination, it turned out that all these manifestations were nasopharyngeal cancer “ghost”.Sore throat, bloody nose, swollen gums…How could some of these everyday irritations become warning signs of cancer?First, in traditional Chinese medicine, “heat” has virtual, real points “heat” the word comes from traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the actual situation, and divided into real fire and fire.Real fire is generally urgent, fierce, patients with swelling and pain, polydipsia, dry mouth, less yellow urine and other performance.The onset of empty fire is slow and the course of disease is long. Patients have low fever, night sweats, insomnia, short red urine and other manifestations.In fact, in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, fire can also be divided into liver fire, heart fire, stomach fire, kidney fire and lung fire according to the five zang organs.Irascibility: irascibility is concerned with affection more.Can not suppress the fire, always want to be angry, often manifested as red face, red eyes, irritability, dry mouth, bitter mouth, flank pain;Heart fire: more in summer, with mood and diet.If you eat too many supplements in summer, it can lead to heart fire.Often manifested as five upset heat, tongue tip pain, irritability, palpitations;Stomach fire: related to climate, taste and mood.Angry, summer overheating, often eat spicy, hot and humid food, etc., can cause stomach fire, often manifested in dry stool, toothache, gingival bleeding, easy thirst;Kidney fire: it is empty fire more commonly, main performance is dazzled, tinnitus, waist ache, insomnia forgetfulness, tooth looseness or ache.Lung fire: autumn, rain or wind cold, the most easy to lung fire.Often manifested as sore throat, dry mouth and eyes, cough, expectoration.Two, you think of the “fire” signal, may be cancer warning fire, lip teeth, nasal cavity, binocular, urine and so on many different, which also leads to a lot of people once the physical discomfort, will be classified as “fire”.However, the fact is not so, many cancers in the early stage, often similar to the “fire” performance, but most people do not pay special attention to, resulting in delayed illness.1, pharyngeal discomfort: esophageal cancer esophageal cancer in the early stage, the patient basically without any discomfort, for the development of the disease, the body will have obvious performance, one of which is pharyngeal discomfort.The process of swallowing food, especially hard and dry food, may produce foreign body sensation when passing through the diseased area, or there may be a slow retention sensation when swallowing food.If there are above symptoms, and last for more than 3 months, especially in the population with high incidence of esophageal cancer (north China, Northern Jiangsu, eastern Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi and Chaoshan, Meizhou area of Guangdong), we should pay attention to the symptoms and go to the hospital for investigation as soon as possible.2, nosebleeds, lymphadenopathy: nasopharyngeal cancer although not a high incidence of cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer is very popular with Cantonese people, so the medical community also called it “Guangdong cancer”.Nasopharyngeal cancer occurs at the top of the nasopharyngeal cavity and the lateral wall, the location is relatively hidden, the symptoms are not obvious.Because the symptoms and fire similar, often ignored.When nasopharyngeal cancer is neither painful nor itchy and continues to grow, it may or may appear to have swollen lymph nodes in the neck.At this time, the tumor has spread from the nasopharynx to the lymphatic system and requires immediate medical attention.Of course, we can not be diagnosed as nasopharyngeal cancer because of a lump in the neck.For the deep cervical mass, the general “three seven” rule: the course of disease within 7 days, the mass subsided, mostly inflammation;The course of the disease lasted for 7 months, and no improvement was observed. It was necessary to be aware of neck tumor.The course of disease is more than 7 years, basically congenital disease.3. Dark urine: cholangiocarcinoma is often characterized by short red urine, but it may also be caused by jaundice at the beginning of cholangiocarcinoma.The biliary system is divided into gallbladder and bile duct, which are divided into intrahepatic bile duct and extrahepatic bile duct.Cholangiocarcinoma is a malignant tumor of extrahepatic bile duct.The main manifestation of cholangiocarcinoma is the aggravation of painless jaundice, and the patient becomes more and more “yellow” with the disease — yellow sclera, yellow skin, dark urine, clay stool and other symptoms.Cholangiocarcinoma is a disease of unknown etiology, so when there is epigastric discomfort, urine color changes, it is best to go to the hospital for liver and gallbladder color ultrasound examination, clear illness.4. Yellowing of the eye: changes in the color of the body of liver cancer can indeed be a signal of cancer. Similar to cholangiocarcinoma, some liver cancer patients will also appear jaundice, with yellow eyelids and skin.According to statistics, 15% – 30% of liver cancer patients will have jaundice.If you want to prevent liver cancer, you should give up smoking and alcohol, avoid eating moldy food, and pay attention to food hygiene. When you find unexplained itching, abdominal circumference enlargement, fatigue and other discomfort, you’d better go to the hospital for screening.Three, hit “true fire” how to do?Affected by eating habits, people are prone to “heat” symptoms.After you rule out cancer, how do you reduce your fire?Throat pain can be used honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, fat sea bubble water on behalf of tea drink, have certain relieving effect.Oral ulcer in the near term to avoid eating spicy food, need to pay attention to if the recurrence of 1 month, need to be aware of the possibility of malignant oral ulcer.Nosebleeds If alleviate dry nosebleeds, you can turn on the humidifier;If the unknown nosebleed, best to otorhinolaryngology for examination.Mouth blister is more associated with eating hot food or virus infection, should eat peanuts, melon seeds and other shell food, can be ice, clean blisters.In severe cases, use antibiotics as directed.Inflammation when human body vitamin B2 lacks, may cause the symptom such as horn inflammation, the most fundamental method prevention measure is to eat fruit, vegetable more.Appear “heat” symptoms and eating habits, life and rest related, but if through life correction, but still repeatedly “heat”, it is likely to consider other diseases caused by discomfort, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.[1] “A test will know, you where fire? (with fire extinguishing recipe)”.[3] “You think it’s heat, but it’s cancer! Even a 7-year-old baby is affected by it! Be careful!”Guangdong Health Information