12+256G only 1699 yuan, 700,000 running points + game shoulder button, red rice again really sweet machine

2022-06-05 0 By

For most users, red rice mobile phones have high cost performance, also is the first choice of many consumer, it is not as bad as, follow to enter the high-end market, its basic distribution within 3000 yuan, now arrived in February, after K50 series are preheating, especially red rice K50 e-sports version, is a main Lu Weibing promotional products,Before the arrival of the new machine, the old product is bound to lower prices to give way, now red rice K40 game enhanced version, came to a freezing price, 12+256G only 1699 yuan, it can be said that there is a really sweet machine.As for the configuration of Hongmi K40 enhanced version of the game, in fact, its performance is very strong, equipped with A Breguet 1200 processor, An Tutu can run up to 700,000 results, using 6.67 inch AMOLED face screen, support 120Hz refresh rate, packed into the body of 5160mAh battery, support 67W fast charge, very strong battery life.Side and pop-up game shoulder keys, for playing games will be very helpful, of course, like what X-axis motor, stereo double speakers and other functions, it did not omit, can be said to have all to be equipped with complete.As for the pictures, this part is not a “enhanced” strengths, but also has three taken 64 million pixels, can meet the needs of most users, in addition it in order to improving game experience, also join the aerospace composite film cooling system, integrated with independent function such as game antenna group, the weight control in 205 g, thickness of only 8.3 mm, in a the e-sports phone,Feel is very thin, the back cover design is not too exaggerated, but the details can be said to be in place, the small lightning next to the lens module, the small red circle above the power button and so on, do not worry about the appearance level.In general, this kind of mobile phone presence is not very strong, but the sales volume is not low for a long time, after all, in the midst of e-sports phone, its basic price is the cheapest, phegda 1200 performance under Xiao dragon 870, but better than Xiao dragon 778 g, daily use that is very smooth, the game also has a variety of optimization, is definitely qualify for it the positioning,Besides, “enhanced version” battery life is very good, if you are battery anxiety patients, then it will certainly be able to meet you, the current price fell to the freezing point, we think it is worth to copy bottom?Welcome to leave a message.