Li Jinglei’s side responded to the divorce proceedings: Wang Lee-hom did not pay child support

2022-06-05 0 By

Li Lianglei wang Leehom’s “war” is still going on, and there is new progress!Wang Lee-hom and Li Jinglei’s divorce proceedings have been reviewed in a New York court.According to the website, Li failed to abide by the agreements she had signed, which generally refer to non-compliance with custody agreements and property distribution judgments, and Wang’s side has asked the court to rule against her for non-compliance with court decrees, which have yet to be ruled.If confirmed, Li could be sentenced to up to six months in prison or fined.According to the progress of the lawsuit, Li Lianglei’s lawyer filed an appeal on February 2, but it was returned for correction. The resubmitted appeal file on February 4 was in the status of pending and no evidence was submitted, while Wang Leehom has submitted 11 pieces of evidence.11 afternoon, Li Liang Lei quickly issued a statement in response to the matter.She said that the 11 pieces of information disclosed by wang Lee-hom are mostly one-sided rhetoric, inconsistent with the facts.She has prepared documentary evidence to be filed on February 11, 2022 New York time.Ms. Li also said Mr. Wang had frozen her assets and demanded that she pay legal fees and not pay child support.Finally, she called on Wang Leehom to abide by the agreement to shoulder the responsibility of the commitment, let the matter come to an end as soon as possible, do not make a mistake again, hurt others.There was no immediate response from Wang’s side.Li jing she and wang’s divorce war began, the two sides haven’t stopped the standoff, January 11, li jing’s post accused wang lee hom with three strange men to race home want to see the children, to choke the wang lee hom has said three people are all staff to work with for a long time, wang just don’t want to see a child alone in the face of li jing and li jing’s imagination is too rich…Wang’s lawyer also said that he was advised to avoid being alone with Li under any circumstances – “He should not be alone with his ex-wife Without the company of another adult approved by the law firm.She had turned their divorce into a smear campaign full of errors, fiction and malice.This is not only harmful to our customers, but also to their children.He just wants to focus on trying to get along with his kids without any distractions.”Leehom even changed his mobile phone number and said that he planned to take three to five years off before leaving — will that be enough for leehom and Li jinglei to sort out their confused marriage?Article content such as copyright infringement and other problems please contact this number we will deal with in a timely manner