Roses bloom on the Ganshen Line during Spring Festival

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Massachusetts moment on February 15 – (correspondent Bouakaz a passenger Li Meixiu is zhuzhou station attendant, this year’s Spring Festival is the most special one she travel, because the zhuzhou station stopped passenger services, retired in January next year she and her colleagues went to jiangxi deep line support more than 600 kilometres from his home security work, she is heyuan station security two groups led attendant,And the duties of a lady handpicker.Li Meixiu is sewing a seat cushion.Seats at security checkpoints at Heyuan East Railway Station are made of iron.In order to let the team work staff sit comfortably, Li Meixiu use the rest of the time, from their own pockets to buy back to the nearby market town cotton cushion, iron seat all “new outfit”.On the 24th day of the 12th lunar month, the “Xiao Nian”, li meixiu’s shift day, everyone’s hearts melted when she handed over the lunch she had prepared at home to her colleagues on the high-speed train.Her colleagues at Hawon East Station called Her “warm sister.”The first thing Li did every time she got on the train was to find a seat for Cao Guoqi, who had a history of stroke. It took more than three hours to get on the train from Zhuzhou West Railway Station to Shenzhen North Railway Station.On the eighth day of the first lunar month, the female handpicker of the team was not feeling well, so she took the initiative to take over and worked continuously for 6 hours, checking more than 2000 passengers by hand.Li Meixiu is at the security check.Enthusiastic service “outstanding service, love such as rainbow” this is zhuzhou Railway Group party brand “rainbow” party member service law service concept.As a core member of the brand, Li Meixiu has brought high quality service to the Ganshen Line.At 19:00 on February 6th, she found a black lady’s bag unclaimed at the check-in area of the security check machine. She immediately contacted the relevant department and opened the bag to check that it contained more than 15,000 yuan in cash, bank cards, certificates and other items.Under various efforts, we finally found Ms. Guo who forgot her bag because she carried too much luggage.On February 10, the check-in staff found a container of suspected spray in a female passenger’s suitcase when it passed through the plane and asked the passenger to open the bag for inspection.The passenger was too emotional to cooperate.Li Meixiu immediately came forward to calm the passengers while explaining the security policy to the passengers, and guided the passenger to a quiet place next to the waiting room, where the passenger opened the box for inspection, and finally collected a bottle of hair spray in the box.Li Meixiu organized the team members to study.Careful management of security check is the first important pass of railway safety, and the quality of work is directly related to the safety of passengers.Every day, the first thing Li Meixiu does is to check whether the security equipment is in good condition, to know the schedule of the day and the number of passengers of each train, and to mark out the key trains and key periods of the day and organize the staff of the class to learn.After the last train left, she would walk around the equipment, carefully checking whether the security equipment had been turned off, whether the hand-held security machine had been turned off, whether any power had been cut.Once, during the operation, the check-in clerk and the disposal clerk were chatting on the post. After she found out, she stopped them immediately: “Chatting will distract our attention, so we can’t make our post become a decoration.”She was very serious and very critical.Shifting to the jiangxi Deep line support, Li Meixiu this sonorous rose will continue to bloom their own light, continue to write a new chapter of “rainbow”.