Winter Olympics service support vehicle with repair “square cabin”

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Against the backdrop of epidemic prevention and control, service support vehicles for the Winter Olympics will be sent to makeshift hospitals for treatment in case of sudden breakdown.In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention while maintaining the vehicles, BAIC group set up a special “square cabin” near the venue to provide maintenance service for 330 EU7 pure electric vehicles.Beijing EU7 electric vehicles, including 330 EU7 electric vehicles provided by BAIC group, drive the Olympic Lane on January 21.The epidemic has added new challenges to service delivery.During the Winter Olympics, if there is a problem with a car, it needs a space that meets both maintenance conditions and quarantine requirements.The support team decided to equip the service vehicle with a “makeshift cabin” in the form of a “makeshift hospital”.More than three months ago, BaiC Blue Valley marketing company’s technical support staff Wang Jinfeng set foot on the road to find “square cabin”.”These places I have been on the spot, when the house did not care so much!”Mr. Wang drew a large circle on a map of Beijing, picking out the more than 60 existing 4S stores in the city, and taking more than 20,000 steps a day to visit the venue.He explained that in addition to being close to the venue, the size of the venue, facilities, personnel and maintenance capacity must meet certain conditions.If there is a problem with the support car, it can be sent to the cabin for “treatment” within two hours.Once the site is available, how to meet the requirements for epidemic prevention?According to the previously designed scheme, once the vehicle has a problem, it needs to be eliminated three times, including driving the vehicle into the paint room for an hour of high temperature baking at 60 degrees Celsius.During maintenance, all maintenance personnel wear full protective clothing and use special tools and accessories.Considering the risk of the epidemic, the maintenance workers ate and lived in “makeshift cabins” and did not have contact with the outside world until late March.During the Winter Olympics, BAIC group formed a service support team of more than 200 people, including R&D, quality and consulting, to provide product, technical and service support.Service guarantee staff on duty 24 hours a day, in the service station near the unified rental, to ensure that work and life at two points, do not contact other social personnel.As a vehicle technical engineer, Xing longlong’s job is to escort the vehicles for the Winter Olympics.He checked three wheels of the 330 electric cars before they arrived in Beijing for delivery, and three more after delivery.330 electric cars are on the road, but the team is online all day.The big data platform will collect the monitoring data of these vehicles every two hours, and Xing will judge whether assistance or intervention is needed according to the data such as the status of the vehicle’s power battery.There are more than ten phone numbers of drivers in his mobile phone. When a driver has a question, he will call him at the first time, and he will communicate and answer one by one.”Every link should not be careless, we are really not easy.But the Winter Olympics is a big event for the country and for Beijing. I am proud that I can make a contribution.”Xing longlong said.(Original title: Winter Olympics service support car with repair “square cabin”) Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Cao Zheng process editor: u027 Copyright notice: the text is owned by the Beijing News Group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.